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  1. No letters were sent that's what is shocking no contact about the sudden stopped rent payments, no letter stating housing benefit was denied, no phone calls to either of us for 10 months?? Then no notice just instant court papers for outright possession. Im baffled and in despair. I have a solicitor meting on the 9/10, via CAB .
  2. I am in a seriously compromised housing situation and am very concerned my four children and I are going to be evicted from our current council home within two weeks. The house itself was cohabited with my ex partner who left in Oct 2012, he was/is the sole tenant. At the time of the signing for this property 4 years ago (which was a mutual exchange from a 1 bed flat) I thought a joint tenancy would have been drawn up, but it was not. The housing office said no, as it was an exchange. This did concern me but I failed to go any further enquiring. Had we been made aware of how important it is for non married couples.......did the housing officer fail here? When we split up last October, I applied for all relevant benefits, notified all relevant people. As did my ex. The housing benefit application was found ineligible which I was never notified of .....and only the last fortnight become apparent....as court papers for outright possession for rent arrears was hand delivered a couple of weeks ago. My ex partner went to court this Tuesday 24/10/13 and his tenancy has been ceased, he paid £1400 towards the arrears that day and has come to a £400 per month agreement. I am classed as squatting as are his children. The council are willing to house me in another house if I'm not allowed to reside in this, the family home. How and who comes to this decision I don't know. I feel completely failed by them for not safe guarding this sort of thing from arising and not contacting my ex partner or myself regarding the building arrears. It was all preventable, I cant see sense in uprooting a family when we are suitably housed, and settled. Surely the children's welfare is important here?
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