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  1. Hi there. 11/2007 Thanks Matt
  2. The card defaulted in 07 - so do I need to adjust todays today to the 07 one please ? Many Thanks
  3. Is this the correct way of working it out please ? Thanks
  4. Hi All, Just been going through my fathers old argos account after having all the statements sent to me going back to 2004. He was paying PPI on his argos card. Am i right in saying that I will be able to claim compound interest at the rate the card was charged at (27.9%) aswell as simple 8% interest ? Thanks Matt
  5. It's not on the credit file dx. It's dropped off a few years ago
  6. Intend. Still paying the debt through pay plan. Debt is 8 years old.
  7. Ok thank dx. Are there any compound interest calculators around please. Thanks Matt
  8. Just had a reply from moorcroft re Argos card which was passed to them I'm 2008 They have provided the original credit agreement. I will post a photo of this later. However I note that PPI was ticked and was active from June 2002 until Sept 2007. Added this us and it totalled £475.52. This is without compound interest etc as I'm not sure how to do it. There were also late charges between this time totalling £159.50. Now I've briefly read that there are issues if the account was opened before a certain with regards to reclaiming PPI. Is this the case please? Lastly as the account is still with moorcroft will the possible PPI refund go directly to them? Thanks Matt
  9. Yes thanks all there will definitely be a donation made. Dad is still in the dmp and had his review last night. The women was pushing dad to go onto an iva. Dad was having none of it. Dads paid 11k off since 2008 and only 5k has come off the debt. Considering all charges have been frozen it would be interesting to know where the hell the other 6k has gone. Robinson way wrote yesterday saying they are still waiting to hear about the CCA. This has been 3 months now, is there a letter I can send them to advise we won't be paying them anymore as they have failed to comply with 12 days ? Thanks again
  10. Many Thanks, I will check "checkmyfile" as im sure one of the DCA reapplied this when they took the debt over. Im a little nervous about stopping paying them due to the amount owed in total and the added fact that we have a joint mortgage together....granted that he doesnt live here im still a little nervous until me and my wife remortgage in our own names...that wont be to long so it should be ok though.
  11. Ok just an over update - I have had a reply from all requests, companies with a total of £26500 of debt have stated that they are unable to find the CCA. I am going to communicate with the others via letter i.e the banks overdrafts and ask for a f&f settlement
  12. Hi there, Granted that they can resell on, how could this affect my fathers credit file ? The debts stretch back to 2008 so once off the file I can not see how they can re-add it to a credit file and start the default again ? Thanks Matt
  13. Hi there, Yes both cards were defaulted at the same time. Thanks Matt
  14. One thing that I need to sort first. Cabot recorded an AR on my dads file when they took the debt over in 2012 despite the account being defaulted in 2007. If my dad stops paying will this do further damage to his credit file ? At present apart from the AR he has a clean credit file as all the defaults have dropped off
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