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  1. I need help on where to go from here, should I cut my losses and pay back the £869 or?
  2. I had a DRO until late last year as I currently have several debts, the debt amount is £863, the original loan amount was £645(500 + 145 interest.) I tried to contact them several times with no reply then when they finally replied they had added more interest. I do not have a breakdown of the loan although I could request this if needed.
  3. I have a loan with PDE which started at 645 but it now up to 870, I want to reduce how much I owe to them threw negotiating, could anyone give me advice on how to deal with PDE?
  4. so your saying that the 1 I paid off will still be legally unsettled and I will kept being chased for it? also do you know if paydayexpress and paydayuk are the same company?
  5. I have not changed home address, the only thing I changed was my bank details. @renegadeimp I'm not intending on chasing them, I would just like to know who owns the loans Another thing is that my loans were removed from my credit report but I made a deal and paid 1 of them off however this is not in the closed accounts?
  6. Hi, ofcourse I stupidly took several loans out with TFF, you ll know the story of them going into admin. but my question is, who owns these loans now? can you post links to their websites too. Thanks
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