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  1. Hello. Yes its headed HM Revenue and Customs. Debt Management Field Force. I wasn't in when the letter was delivered. It was given to my SO. We are currently living apart at the minute. It doesn't actually say the word bailiffs, i just assumed the person who knocked was a bailiff. It says "Warning of enforcement action" " I called today to collect payment of the above amount or to determine your assets for sale at auction. I was unable to contact you. You need to pay in full immediately by phoning 0300 *** ****. If you do not pay the full amount you owe, i will visit again. If i then take Taking of Goods enforcement action to collect your debt, i will have to charge you an initial fee of £75 (Fee 1). Pay late and you pay more. We are charging you interest every day you do not pay."
  2. Thanks for the reply. Sole trader. I work in someone else's premises and their customers houses. I work in IT. Do i need to work anything out before i ring them? incoming/outgoings etc?
  3. I apologize if this is in the wrong section. If it it is, could a mod kindly move it for me. Thanks I will try to avoid a wall of text and a sob story, and get right to the nuts and bolts of it all as i need help with my next steps I am self employed and have been for around 5 years. The first 2 years of this, i had no idea what i was doing, so like an idiot, i pretty much ignored everything paper work wise/accounts wise/money wise. I have been working for the same company for the 5 years as a sub contractor. After the first year i spoke to an accountant who registered me as self employed etc. This is where the problem starts, i got letters to say that my accounts were late and that i would get £100 penalty. I put it off and put it off being the idiot i am until the point where the numbers didn't really mean anything other than just numbers. The last 3 years, i've had a different accountant work everything out and submit everything on time. Here's the second problem...I haven't paid anything. As it stands i owe around 7-8k in tax and about 7k in fines I've had a letter, hand delivered from HMRC that says "Warning of enforcement action" Type of tax:SA Amount you owe £149**.** It gives me a number i can ring, which i intend to do, i just need some advice on what to do next with regards to the letter and what i can expect to happen. I don't own a house, i don't have any savings. If i was to liquidate everything i own, it would come to around £6k. Any help would be greatly appreciated If you need any more info from me, fire away Thanks
  4. Steve82

    Faulty LG TV

    Hello people I'm new to the site, and can do with some help. I bought an LG LCD TV from Comet around 16 months ago. In a nutshell, around 3 months ago, I came home to find something very wrong with the screen. After the usual things (on/off, factory reset) it was apparent that the TV was broke. No worries I thought, its still under warranty...Ohhhhh dear. The TV was 13 months old (only a years warranty) I rung LG and told them the problem, and as I thought, they said there warranty has expired, so I left it. I rung a few local repair companies, and they said the problem sounds like the screen needs replacing (around £400) There is no way I am paying that. If the TV was 4 years old, I would have thrown it in the bin. If I had paid £200, I would have thrown it in the bin. I paid £750 for it and it lasted 13 months...its been bugging me every day and was just wondering if there was anything I can do as Comet are now gone. I did mention the SOGA but the LG guy said that was between me and Comet (which makes sense). I did hear of another law about faulty goods going wrong under 2 years. Could I use this? Basically I'm asking what my next step should be...Write a letter to someone, or just thrown it away? Thanks for reading Steve
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