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  1. i have had the exact same email although i owe just over £5000 haha yeah right..by any chance was your email sent on sunday???
  2. has anyone else googled the address for this company???i have and it has come back with quiet a lot of different companies being registered there a lot of them are payday loans for example lending stream credit on demand next credit and a lot of other companies..
  3. hahaha but there is one in the back garden
  4. looking more and more like toothfairy just google maped the address and its a house..and then lending stream also share the same house
  5. thanks for the reply both...have been doing some searching on them cant seem to find anything i tried looking the license number up and got nothing..going to goolge the address see what that comes up with..have just reread the email and its dear customer not my name no ref number so if i was to pay into their bank account who would they know who its off all seems strange to me..
  6. hi all i havent heard anything from speedcredit/ toothfairy in a long long time but woke to this email anyone else got one??? Dear customer, Total Due: £5095 Your debts due with Speed Credit is now legally owned & controlled by Digital Finance Services UK ltd. This email is to officially notify you that Digital Finance Services UK is now in full ownership of Speed Credit. We, Digital Finance Services UK hereby contacting you with your outstanding balance which is unpaid .Due to the overdue status of the loan it has incurred extra charges and the present the balance outstanding is £5095 . We request you to visit our website http://www.digitalfinancialservices.co.uk and click on ‘PAY NOW’ section to make the payment for your loan. Alternately, you may use our bank details and pay via faster payment, CHAPS or wire transfer service. Our bank details are provided below- A/C: 43266351 Sort Code: 406080 Please bear in mind that every day you are delaying will add more charges to your outstanding balance. Therefore, to avoid additional cost and come to a fast settlement of your loan we expect your response urgently. Our contact details are attached below. We thank you for your business with us and look forward to a continued business relationship. Kind Regards, DFS collection team Digital Finance Services UK ltd Phone: +44 203 026 0796 Email: collection@digitalfinancialservices.co.uk
  7. who am i complaining to is it the oft?? also i asked them for the contract that i should have signed..they have sent me a pre contract and said that my signature is all over it..i cant find it though
  8. just had a reply to the 2 emails i sent this company how nice of them this is it Dear dolly If you have noted the repeat attempts to contact you why didn't just just call us back to try and resolve this situation? Please call us today on 01386 425400 to discuss an outstanding debt owed to Credit on Demand for a payday loan you had from them. Regards Richard Edwards at least i now know what its for
  9. well never heard of the second one either...have emailed them the template letter along with this dear sir/madam after reading your last few emails that you have sent i dont understand what it is you want the only thing you ask for is that i ring your office and quote a ref number..i will not be phoning your office and any future communication can be done in writing via email.the ref number you leave is ****** many thanks
  10. ok thanks for that...i have never had a loan with cfo though also where do i find the doorstep letter again thank you for the advice
  11. hi could someone please advise..i had an email from capital resolve yesterday saying that they have booked an appointment to visit my house next week..i have had 2 other emails in the last week just stating that i need to contact them with a ref number no info on why they contacting me..my only question is will they come to my house???
  12. yes have the £100 thank you for getting back i was going to tell them something a lot worse lol....they are so cheeky....so this is not a credit agreement then like they are saying or am i wrong??
  13. hi all i applied for a loan with this company and got declined few days later i found out they had put £100 into my account i didnt know they had put this money in as i was away at the time and about 2 weeks later i had an email off a debt collection agency saying i needed to now pay them,after a lot of digging round as i didnt put 2+2 together found out who they were collecting on behalf of but was really confused as i got declined for the loan so i have now asked for a copy of the agreement that i was supposed to electronically signed and they have sent me a PRE-CONTRACT CREDIT INFORMATION ..is this an actual credit agreement i am willing to pay back the £100 they deposited into my account just not the charges and interest.. many thanks
  14. that a card transaction had tried to be taken and as it was an unusual transaction they put a block on it and my whole account think i have messed up big time telling them i knew who it was as i was really embarrassed as i phoned them using the banks phone and it was packed so everyone could hear me....i knew speedcredit had gone as i had a letter from web loans processing a while back telling me the debt had been passed to them i have been getting emails from marshall hoare for a while and the occasional one from ndr they want over £4000 for a £400 debt. i had reported them to oft before about it but that was a long time ago now. thank you for your help
  15. hi i have had a loan from speedcredit a long time ago the loan was for £400 to date i have payed off £365 had a call yesterday from my banks fraud department saying that a firm called toothfairy had tried taking £439 from my account and have now put a block on my account was so stressed and worried that i told them i knew who it was does this mean that they will raid my account every time now many thanks all
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