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  1. Hi All I had a leak in my flat which damaged the floor and carpet, so I had to move out for 2 months whilst they took the floor and plaster out. I got a call from the Housing Association giving me a moving in date I contacted my insurance they passed me on to renew carpets and they could only time they could visit was 2 weeks later to give a quote, problem was I had to move back in the day after they were coming. I called my insurance and explained I have to have it fitted before I move in the advised it was ok it will be a cash settlement, I requested an email confirming this. It cost £1850 for all the floor covering from a small local carpet shop the flooring was about £14 m2. I recieved a call from the insurance company saying that they were going to send me a cheque for £760 as my excess was £350. I advised them to hold the cheque as I wanted a breakdown of the costs. The quote sent was for a price £7.54 m2 and at the end of the quote they have two prices retail price total £1630 and scheme discounted price £1110. The carpet was fitted me when I first moved in as a moving in gift unfortunatly that person is no longer with us and I have no way of knowing which company fitted it but it was a really nice twist patter carpet I cant find it anywhere. The HA have agreed to pay the insurance excess but I still dont have £700. How can the flooring quote have a retail price £1630 and a scheme discounted price £1110 which is 32% different and on the discount price it shows discount of 10% What can I do?
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