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  1. Hi Shamrocker, I am quite familiar with dirty tactics by AK and I am sure they would have produced the CCA by now if they had it. But still tread with caution. Anyhow even if they fail to respond to your CCA request they will have to send you once you reach the disclosure stage or otherwise inform you and the court they don't have it. Personally I think you have nothing to lose now by sticking to your guns until you reach the disclosures. Until then they will try to bully and threaten you.
  2. £5 is not worth the hassle especially that he is unemployed. Try to sort out your difference for your child's sake as the child needs both parents and stop hurting each other in this manner and fashion. Dont get me wrong , I am a parent myself and my ex helped me alot during difficult times because of our children and how much they love us both. Pack it in both of you.
  3. Indeed complete acknowledgement before the deadline. Stand your ground mate and tell them to put up the cca or shut up frankly.
  4. I know for sure I never signed CCA just application form and card came through few days later.
  5. Just to clarify folks, All I want from Barclaycard is my data..... And nothing more. they could have atleast provided me corespondances, telephone logs including SMS, and any other identifiable data as I am entitled to. I am not sure how they are going to explain refusing my request for the second time. follks, shall I try the ICO first and do you know how long they would take to investigate and respond to me ? Or I should build a strong case by pursuing internal complaints for another 2-3 months...... To data controller and CEO.....
  6. Cheers Steampowered, much appreciated for your advise. Let's see if they respond to my letter sent last week and will revert back as soon as. As per POC, when the time is right I would need your assistant as well as the good folks here, Brigadier, Citizen among others. Cheers Taken all comments on board and look forward in working with you and the good folks here t
  7. Thanks folks for your valuable contributions. Just to clarify; I know for sure there is no CCA as I applied for the Barclaycard at University open day and just filled up a form and got the card. Never signed a CCA. So I just addedthe CCA request on my letter to see their response. But most importantly I want all the information pertaining to subject data (yours truly). I did not do the SAR to simply request CCA but for full data disclosure. Hope this clarifies the matter.
  8. Thanks Brigadier, Please see the letter I sent them before, was it sufficient as per pre action protocol; DataController Barclaycard LETTER BEFORE ACTION Section 7 – DataProtection Act 1998 DearSir/Madam, I am inreceipt of the documents that you have supplied in response to my DataProtection Act information request dated 20 July 2013. The disclosure of personal data is incompletein that at least the following documents are missing. You have failed to provide: 1) A complete list of transactions andcharges. 2) Full copi
  9. Thanks CitizenB for the prompt response. I made the SAR to get full disclosure from Barclaycard as I am entitled to. But all they want to give me is statements. I gather something is up or might be trying to hide something. Whats more I just had a letter from Lowell saying Barclaycard had complied with my SAR....... but I never sent them the original request and nor ever mentioned to them I made SAR to Barclaycard.... Why is Lowell responding on behalf of Barclaycard. I think I would ignore Lowell as my request was sent to OC.
  10. POC - Please review the highlighted section 1. The Defendant is a Data Controller within the meaning ofthe Data Protection Act and is responsible for the processing of data of whichthe Claimant is a Subject. 2. The Claimant had an account number (49/ 53) ("the Account")with the Defendant which was opened on or around 21 Jan 1997. 3. On 20 July 2013 the Claimant sent a Subject Access Request, pursuant to Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 to theDefendant. 4. The Defendant has failed to comply for the second time. 5. By virtue of the Defendant's failure to compl
  11. Hi Folks, I wonder if someone might be able to assist on my POC. Basically in Jan 2010 I made a SAR with Barclaycard and they only sent me statements and back in Feb 2010 I sent them a NON Compliance notice and they simply ignored it. At the time I had lost my job and was going through tough time so I did not follow it up. Fast forward July 2013 I sent them a new SAR request, again they sent statements only. Then I sent them non compliance notice and letter before action and still they had not responded. I would like to get a court order to enforce compliance as per below
  12. In my case the OC was GE Money (edge store card). In regards to Acknowledgement of Service and other legal fillings I would urge the experts (Site Admin) to assist as I wouldn't want to give you wrong info. Mate, don't panic too much yet and if I were you I would send the SAR to MBNA asap as it takes 40 days. At the same time send the request for disclosure under CPR to AK by recorded delivery. Lastly in your earlier post you mentioned online application ? did you sign the form and sent it back ? Please let us know how you applied for this card, do you still have the origin
  13. You should do the Acknowledgement of Service first check the deadline.
  14. Hi Shamroker, I am not expert and a newcomer here, just want to share my experience with Aktiv Kapita. I took them to Court and WON for registering a false default with CRA and chasing me for a debt that did not exist. These guys are willing to play dirty, thought you should be aware. If I were you I would urgently request true SIGNED copy of credit agreement, Notice of termination, Notice of Default, Notice of Assignment and statement of account. I believe these can be requested under certain CPR which the site admin could assist you on. (Ask Admin for Template under
  15. Congrats to you too mate. Fantastic result. On what grounds are you planning the further action you mention above. I expect elements that were not mentioned in your original POC. In my POC I mentioned; 1) NOT the Debtor in question - don't owe this debt 2) Debt was statute barred anyway 3) harassment - threatening and bullying 4) Breach of Data Protection In hindsight I should have brought three different cases I against them or at least two cases. Also I wish I had claimed higher cost but most importantly I was after the default removal and they did remove and sett
  16. Good idea and don't mind it all. Bytheway, they attributed their attempt to collect money by fraudulent means to admin error. Fortunately for me I found a lot of criminating data for them to back off and settle. Furthermore the main fairy-tale that is normally told by Banks and DCA's about not being able to change or delete an entry with CRA's is a complete lie. AK did this within 72 hours but technically it can be done the same day.
  17. First DCA Aktiv Kapital: down ...... Next: Sigma Red ( will be issueing claim next month after final letter before action.
  18. Ladies/Gents I would like to share my success against Aktiv Kapital. AK has been bullying and harassing me since 2009 for debt that didn't exist. I bough a fridge with a comet edge card in 2006 and shortly after it was delivered I changed my mind and sent it back. I didn't hear anything from them until AK started calling me day and night and threatening me with court action and subsequently registered a default against my credit file. I also discovered that AK had illegally changed the default date by 20 months. Fast forward June/ July. I sent Aktiv Kapital
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