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  1. They have to ask for my premission to send someone? Has anyone you have helped had a visit from their field agents and got any reaction? Or is it a threat? Im just a little worried due to the fact my family dont know well my mum knows i paid 80 and thats about it. So what happens now seeing i got a scotcall letter?
  2. sorry i put in scotcall and it came up with this. and read through it. as dx100 i have a thread.
  3. well i got a new number as i needed to after having my phone nicked. okay thankyou. thats if they send someone they might do after reading these posts
  4. that a field agent? but dont they need to give notice they are sending someone round
  5. well they sent it on the 15th part from i was away for the weekend and only got it.
  6. Hi simmsy77 im having a problem with scotcall at the moment, so what did you actually do to get rid of them as ive had phone calls from them but never answered and then a letter came through saying they would past it onto a field agent if you could help that be fantastic
  7. its from scotcall, after having my phone nicked, i was given a new phone number. basically the letter saying from Scotcall, that i have broken arrangement with them, they are disappointed, its important to pay what is due on time to avoid us having to pass this on to one of their field agents working within my area. and have 77 days to pay it or come to an arrangement.
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