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  1. Thanks for the advice. We have taken advice on bankruptcy and it would be the best option if we hadnt have had equity that we effectively spent. It appears from the advice we received there is absolutely no effect of going bankrupt in UK on NZ. Worst case is they send a letter to the NZ bank account and your landlord to advise you are bankrupt in UK. But this has no impact here assuming you are maintaining everything correctly which we are. Sounds like best move would be stop paying dmp, write to each of them saying cant afford payments and then let it play out. Can anyone advise on t
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer me some clarity on our situation, I have read through various posts but am now totally confused and not sure what to do. We moved to NZ 6 months ago, we left the UK with £50k of unsecured debts split between 8 different dcas. We have been running a dmp via step change for the last 3 yrs and paid on time every month, in the uk we did have property which we were fortunate enough to sell with equity before leaving. We used the equity to move to NZ and also paid back money friends and parents had lent us in the past. Now we are struggling to keep up payments
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