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  1. Thanks for all your advice - my 21 days that I was given to pay must nearly be up so just waiting for my next final demand to pop through the post !
  2. Hi I don't think so ..,I threw my ticket away so don't know if it would of been on that . Is there anyway of getting it? Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hi i am new to blogging and wondered if you could tell me how to appeal against a fine from a private car parking company via POPLA. I have never heard of them and my initial bill of £60 has now gone up to £200 which i just dont have. I [arked there on a Bnak Holiday assuming it would be free that day however i was issued a fine. I am now being sent final demands and being told if i dont pay it will be referred to the courts. I am very worried about this and just wonederd where i stand. Thanks
  4. Hi I have been issued a number of letters by SIP for not displaying a valid ticket, the reason for this was it was a Bank Holiday and I assumed like most places that usually charge to park but dont charge on a Sunday or a Bank Holday that it would be free on this day. It initially started at £60 but after ignoring it has now gone up to £200. I wrote them a letter appealing but to no avail. They are now threatening me with bailiffs and court proceedings, this is so stressfull as I don't have this kind of money and in the past have always bought a ticket and displayed . Will they carry out thei
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