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  1. Hi the secured loan is also with NRAM. It was taken out about a year after we moved into the house. No we're not up to date with that either as it's all part of the one monthly payment.
  2. Hi can anyone offer any advice or know if voluntary repossession can be refused by NRAM>
  3. Hi I'm new here and just looking for some advice/opinions. We bought our house in 2005 with an NRAM together mortgage then a few years later took out another secured loan of 30k over 10 years to consolidate other debt and make home improvements (in hindsight this was a VERY BIG mistake!!). 4 years ago my husband was made redundant and we changed to interest only payments. He quickly found work but has been unable to earn anywhere near his previous salary and due to now having 3 children I work part time so have remained paying interest only. Unfortunately husband lost job in Aug this year and
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