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  1. Do you have to be a member to do a Facebook search? I'm not sure. Have you a link for the sheriff of York story please?
  2. Do you know the FB page say no to lendal bridge close Lots of info on there I got an alert when you posted as unfortunately there. Hasn't been much traffic on this site, loads on Facebook site though
  3. Yorkcouncil are now sending bully boy letters out for unpaid fines. If you dont pay they'll let the dogs out ie the bailiffs. Anyone got any ideas on what to do? It's not like lendal bridge isn't an illegal bus land or anything like that. There was a council meeting last night whereby council were warned not to spend the fine money in case thy have to give it back £700'oo btw.
  4. Lots of info and pictures on Facebook say no to lendal bridgeclose. We appealed and appeal was upheld. Thanks for heads up on Livingston. Going there shortly.
  5. Good, glad you are appealing.Trot along to the Facebook say no to lendal bridge close if you need more info. Can't believe it's taken more than 3 months to notify you. Maybe check that they are not timed out!
  6. Someone has posted it on Facebook say no to lendal bridge close Thanks
  7. You need Togo to Facebook say no to lendal bridge close ...page. It's all on there. Can you post link to Oxford case please. I've heard of Colchester one but not that one
  8. Hi Ian...hope you've got sorted with Facebook now. Does anyone local to York know how many times the words Bus Lane are written on the road/ bridge and exactly where the positions are. This request comes from someone in Hampshire who is prepared to go to court over this.
  9. Still appeal. It's not properly marked as a bus lane which is illegal. Read the Facebook pages .
  10. Excellent. Thanks for that. You ought to team up with Denis emery on there , stop lendal bridge close, he is also a former traffic police officer. I'm waiting for a barrister to get caught who will bang the council into court. I cannot understand how this council can get away with something isnot legal. Isn't that why they people huge salaries to check this stuff out? How can they legally sit back and watch the money roll in when they know they are operating a huge [problem]. Once they paid back one person the money or waived the first appeal ....that should be it....game
  11. Excellent . Thank you. That is such a good idea as too many people have been caught driving from Bootham to the railway museum . Have you seen the Facebook pages yet?
  12. Definitely.£800 is an awful lot of money to spend in the city. If I was a York trader I would be weeping all over my figgy pudding and mulled wine if I thought you weren't coming back! These stupid people in the council.
  13. So sorry to hear that. Such a shocker! I think you need to send your letter to the local paper also. Just let the people know how much trade they are losing. It's called the York press. The more people wo write in the better. There is also another Facebook page called stop lendal bridge con started by Danny banner. He might be able to help with some up to date pictures since the council changed the signs slightly . My knowledge only goes up to the beginning of dec. that's why it's important to join the Facebook pages as they is more up to date information on there . Good luck,
  14. Can you do the Facebook page i suggested. There's also a lot more people on hand to help
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