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  1. Thank you for all the replies, I phoned Customer Services today and they are arranging pick up of the Laptop and are giving me a refund. I am still going ahead with my complaint against the staff and Manager though.
  2. Its an Acer Aspire Laptop, running Windows 8.1, it has McAfee Antivirus on it.
  3. I purchased it about 2 weeks ago but was on Holiday last week so couldn't return it. It was also doing this from brand new, can a virus be on it from scratch?
  4. The guy in the store ran some sort of diagnostic test, and said he found no fault. When I am browsing or just on Facebook/Email etc, the Mouse starts to not respond and then the whole comp just freezes, I try pressing esc but nothing works, I had to force shut down on it to get it working again properly. This happened 3 times, I have not used it since.
  5. Hi all I am just back from spending 2 and half hours in a store arguing about the Sale of Goods Act. I bought a Laptop online, which keeps freezing, so I phoned Customer Services and asked how I go about returning it, I was advised to just call into my local store and they will sort it all out. So off I go to said local store, only to be met with abuse by the General Manager. Anyway, the guy on the 'KnowHow' desk claims the Laptop is not faulty at all and therefore I can't have my refund, so I quote the SoGA and he said hes not allowed to talk to me about that, so I ask for the Manag
  6. Hi I bought a sim free mobile 13 days ago, and the wireless has not been working for 2 days now. I called into the store where I purchased it from today and they told me to phone tech support, which I did, then the adviser in the store spoke to them and he then said it was working see you later kind of thing. I get home and its still not working, so I phoned tech support and they say they have no log of the call from earlier, but done a factory reset on it and it still wont work. The lady on the phone gave me a call log number and says they will exchange it in store tomorrow. I phone
  7. I replied to the email as follows. Hi I am currently taking Legal advice regarding this matter and I am stating now that if anyone from your company attends my Property then the Police WILL be called and harassment charges will be pressed, which could result in your Employee having a criminal record. Take notice of the following. Please be advised that I will only communicate with you in writing. I have noted your repeated attempts to contact me by email and this has been duly logged by time and date. Furthermore, should it be your intention to arrange a
  8. I havent quoted it to them, is that a typo from them or can I use it against them?
  9. Hi I cancelled it after about a week or so, and they have only emailed me about it today. Can I tell them that if anyone does call at my house then it will be treated as harassment and the police will be called?
  10. Hi Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I recently applied for Life Insurance cover, but then decided I dont want/need it so I cancelled it. However, I received this email from them today..... I have recently received correspondence regarding the cancellation of your Life Insurance plans When you took out the Life Insurance you signed an agreement to stay with ourselves for a period of 24 months. As you have now cancelled your direct debit you are now in breach of contract. You are now liable for the full repayment of £192.00 If you would like to
  11. Ann Marie has just rang me, and said the Regional Manager refused a cash refund and a cheque will be sent to my home address. Can anyone please tell me if this is the actual law of the land or just BH policy?
  12. Hi Jason Thank you for your reply. I am no longer interested in a cheque, they are taking the mickey.....I want a cash refund. My patience is wearing very thin now.
  13. Hi A quick update on this thread. Almost 3 weeks now and my cheque still hasnt arrived, so I rang the store and they were saying 'we cant do cash refunds' and they are 'trying to get hold of the Head Office'. I spoke to Ann Marie and she says that she is trying to get hold of the Regional Manager. Strange how when its us in arrears they are all always available. Ann Marie says she will call me back but I am not holding my breath. Where do I stand legally on this? Surely they can issue a cash refund as this cheque hasnt arrived, so are they just being arsey? Any advice
  14. Hi Ann-Marie I did ask to speak to you personally but they said you were on another line and would call me back.....thats the second time now you have failed to do so. I would be very grateful if you could chase this up as a matter of urgency as I wish to end everything with BH. I told the store manager I would be returning the item today or tomorrow, it will be tomorrow now and I would like it cleared up by then.
  15. Ive only had it a few weeks, and they have said I can have a refund but its a cheque that will take 2 weeks, that is not good enough, why cant they just give me a cash refund? If I told them I was paying by cheque in 2 weeks I am sure they wont accept that.
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