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  1. Wow... we've moved forward apace... It appears (and I so hope that this is real) that RBS have taken the debt back from the aforementioned and when I called them this afternoon, have advised me that as it was personal in her name, as long as I write advising of no estate, then the debt is closed, quote "you're not liable". Much as I hate the thought of my Mum having been worried about the debt until she died, I'm glad that hopefully my Dad won't be plagued by what can only described as charlatans in the past. If I had a mortgage, I'd be reluctant to put it on this being the last we
  2. It would appear that they are still at it. Both Westcot and Phillips and Cohen, but let's not forget that I believe that this was originated by RBS... We received a letter dated six weeks after my mum died, looking very formal, but in essence just sent to Mum's address. Can I ask for further clarification as I look forward to the diversion of having it out with them... Although Dad survives, the loan, about which I (and Dad) are unaware of the details of, seems to have been in her sole name. She, like others have written before, left a funeral plan which just about covered the cos
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