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  1. Just an update really, i've since had a response from Shoosmiths with what they call a reconstituated copy of the original Egg credit agreement, i sent a stern reply back saying i didn't ask for the credit agreement, i requested a full statement of the account. I sent my response on the 17th February, not had any response as yet. I expect what i am asking for is the SAR which in a previous post was confirmed i should be asking for this from Egg themselves, so i need to make this my next priority. Annoyed really as if it had been left with BC
  2. I will have to check all the letters when i get home (currently at work) From what i can remember yes i think it did. Just checked the Shoosmiths letter and it is for the same balance £1891.07 so its definitely been passed to them by the looks of it. Can't understand how it can be passed about so much, it's no wonder i haven't a clue who i should be paying!!!
  3. Have just dug into this a bit more, my credit file shows the following info thought it may be relevant or help: Payments up to date May 2008 balance £2299 Account defaulted September 2008 balance £2514 Judgement July 2009 £2691 (£177 i assume is the courts fees etc) Payment set up with Bryan Carter Solicitors £20 month 13 Feb 2009 Original Debt £2,514.07 24 Jun 2009 Claim Fee £75.00 24 Jun 2009 Claim Cost £80.00 20 Jul 2009 Judgment Cost £22.00 Barclaycard £ 0 30/11/2011 Satisfied Bryan Carter returned the debt on 5.7.13 with a balance of £1891.07 D
  4. The judgement was for an Egg card that i got behind with, they were asking for payments i couldn't afford after being off work ill, as far as i am aware there was no ppi on the account, i wasn't aware of sites like this at the time so when i received the papers from the court i didn't know that i could challenge it at that point (2009), only since finding these forums have i learnt that it is highly likely i can contest all the charges/late/over limit fees this is why i requested the information from Arrow Global as this is where the debt stemmed from originally when Eg
  5. Ah ok, i am just worried now as i have stopped paying (purely as i am not sure who i should/should have been paying) that they will take further action. I will send the letter to Shoosmiths today then saying i am questioning the account and that i await there response.
  6. Dx what is the relevance of not mentioning the ccj? Surely Shoosmiths should know it's already had a ccj?
  7. I haven't paid anything since Bryan Carter passed it to Westcot/Arrow this was July as i hadn't had a letter of confirmation from WescotArrow to say they were taking the debt over, then i got a letter out of the blue saying i needed to start paying them, this is when i took advice on here. I was paying £20 a month to BC Solicitors a nd the debt has reduced from £2400 to around £1900 now.
  8. Forgot to mention the CCJ was issued Arrow Global as the client!?
  9. Hi Taxibhoy, No i didn't send any paperwork, i think the fact that i said i wanted to close the claim sort of put an end to it so to speak. I still haven't heard anything from them, i received a letter saying i owed about £3500 and that i should contact them to arrange payment, i've tried to ring them about 6 six times and always end up hanging up after sitting for around 20 minutes in a queue, i am sure they'll soon be touch about repaying it. Just stay calm and don't admit to anything, act daft if necessary i think they're more interested in stopping the claim and then gettin
  10. Letter done including postal order, claim details & judgement on route from court (cost £5) Can't wait to get response now.....have to be patient!!
  11. Thank you so much for your help with this dx and brigadier, I've done the letter and will post today can i just confirm i need to leave the s.77/78 there but remove 79 from the letter? Will see how long it takes them now....tried phoning the court for the copy of CCJ but put in a queue, will call them again at lunchtime. Starting to feel positive and a bit more hopeful, original ccj amount was for £2691 and last balance i had was i owed £1891 so if i am able to get charges removed etc i'll soon have it cleared.
  12. card defaulted - 15/4/08 unfortunately i've made a token payment within the last month as other half was starting to panic due to them sending constant demands and threatening ccj, certainly don't need another one of those! overdraft defaulted - 13/3/08 - no contact as yet regarding this one.
  13. Will it be a huge mountain to climb/fight when i get the SAR if i find out there are masses of charges/penalties, how difficult is it to get these removed? I'm pretty sure that's why i gave up as the charges weren't even putting a dent in the debt that much i do remember.
  14. I definitely need to delve into this more, i know i owed money to Egg but i didn't know anything about debts/law/rights etc at the time, only now from reading all these forums etc got me thinking, how can Wescot not know about the CCJ that Bryan Carter issued, surely if they've taken a debt on they should know i'ts background, well you would think so. I just want to find out how much of the debt was charges/penalties etc, can't wait to speak to the court tomorrow and find out who the claimant is named as. I've learnt loads just by reading these forums, so helpful as
  15. Yes, although Bryan Carter told me it had been passed back to Arrow, i just didn't understand why after me paying BC all this time they suddenly pass it off to someone else.
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