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  1. I'm sorry I don't have a full pic I will get one later, this is all I have for now. I've just uploaded it the way I did last time, if it's not allowed just remove it and I'll upload it properly after I finish work. Letter: http://imgur.com/k4eAYQI
  2. I genuinely can't believe it's been two years and they've sent another letter as a desperate attempt. I might give them my Australian number so if they call I can leave my phone on and it'll cost them lots hahaha.
  3. Hi guys, I hope everyone is okay! It's been two years since I made this topic on here... I didn't receive any more letters... Until now. I'm not living in the UK anymore but my sister opened the letter for me.. Two whole years have passed and they're still trying!! Jesus!! Hahahah
  4. Hi. I was in the exact same position as you. Please take a look at my thread for what to expect, read it all so you know. I have posted the link below. All the best. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?403807-Caught-shoplifting-from-Primark-RLP-letter
  5. Hey guys just a final update from me I think. Haven't heard anything since. Glad it's all over. I hope this helps others who happen to be in the same situation I was in.
  6. I haven't heard anything since my last call. I hungup as soon as they called me. It's been a while now so who knows.... I will be straight back here if I hear anything! If I don't reply.... I haven't heard anything!
  7. Quick update as I know a few people look at my thread in hope to get some peace of mind regarding their own. RLP have stopped pestering, but this DCA "Scotcall" have called twice, I think it was an automated system as I had to say my date of birth I think (I was half asleep, I hung up after 2 seconds) the calls seem to be spread out and completely random (about a week apart) It's been a week since their last call, and they are only calling ME (Not my friend) which I found weird (both of us were caught) Probably because they got the info on here (as RLP quoted I shouldn't go on CAG for advice in a previous letter) Why do you think it's just me getting the calls? She didn't even get the DCA letter... Do you think they'll stop calling since it's been a week?
  8. I'll just keep ignoring for now. If they do call again, and I happen to be at home and pick it up... should I just hangup straight away or is there anything I should say?
  9. Yeah I've found the telephone letter. I was in the middle of filling it out but I don't know the account/reference number as I've thrown the scotcall letter out, or misplaced it. I don't really have any of their information to put on the letter. Should I wait for another letter and then send it?
  10. Hi all, I decided to ignore the scotcall letter completely and I haven't received anymore since. However, my mum (I live with my family) just informed me that I got a phonecall from a debt collector company a few days ago (she put the name in google) Luckily, Scotcall said they can't discuss anything with her, it was me they wanted to speak to. I'm aware I should never speak to them on the phone, so what should I do if they call again? Is there anything I can send them to stop the phone calls?
  11. Ok well I guess I'm ignoring this letter too, unsure if it's the right decision but we'll see in a couple of days. Does anyone know what the next letter will be like, usually its a routine right... RLP, threaten threaten threaten, DCA... then what
  12. So I should not send a letter 100% to scotcall or whoever? just continue ignoring? I was going to send the 2 line letter tomorrow you see.
  13. I don't have microsoft word on this computer so I'm going to have to use a friends to type it out and then send it. I just fear that they won't receive the letter before the "7 days". Would they send another letter or attempt to call? I'm working 60 hours this week I barely have a minute to eat nevermind write a letter and post it haha. Bad timing!
  14. I will reply tomorrow or sometime soon with a letter saying what you've told me to say. Is renegade here?
  15. Is ignoring the right thing to do? Renegadeimp (I think that's his name) said this last time. "They only letter you need to send is to the DCAicon, if and when they contact you. If that happens, come right back here and we can tell you what to say." If replying to them is the best option, could someone tell me what to say... so i can just copy and paste it and send it? Secondly, I'd quite happily send these letters to primark if that'd help, as I'm sure they are oblivious as to what RLP is doing, or rather... how they go about threatening people. Anymore info would be great, thanks.
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