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  1. Hi, My original contract started in 2011 as an 18 month long contract for £10, at the time orange was offering it as a discount from £15 for a monthly contract. I was not able to take on the contract at this point as I was not 18 so my mum was the holder of the contract and had the direct debit coming from her account. This deal came to an end last year and went up to £15, the problems started when I wanted to renew my contract to get the £10 deal again for another year. As by this point I was over 18 we signed up to the new contract transferring the account into my name and coming from my account by direct debit. The new contract also included an extra 100 free minutes over my old contract for signing up to the year deal rather then the monthly rolling. It appears I have been signed up for the year long contract (that is what it says on my online statement), I have the extra minutes as expected however I have been left paying £15 for the last year and though they managed to transfer to taking funds from account they haven't transferred the contract into my name. I did contact them in April when I realised that neither of these were correct and was told that the details would be swapped and my contract would revert to £10 as it should have been, my mum was also told a letter would be on it's way to confirm the details switch. The operator told me she was looking into getting a refund but her manager was busy at the time and she would get in touch with me within 3 days. Neither of these changes have gone through and I have not been contacted again and am near to the end of the new contract now, I emailed the executive email address on the 8/9/13 to remind them of the over charging but have not had a response. What should I do from this point? I am going to send another email, I would prefer not to deal with call centers as there is little proof of what has been said and my past experience was not good. I could take it to cisas? I'm also not sure if this counts as a breach of the Supply of Goods act? TLDR? Orange sold me a new contract, increased my bundle but kept the same price when it should have been reduced. I called them in April and emailed at the beginning of September but they have still been unable to resolve it, where should I go from here? Thanks for any guidance! Regards, John
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