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  1. Will do thanks sorry to confuse the situation Harmony windows sold the windows the finance was provided by first national now ge money and the ppi is arranged by Bennett Gould and partners ltd (Lloyd's insurance brokers) Hope makes more sense Thanks
  2. thanks dx100uk, i have found the original paperwork which staes that payment protection plan was arranged by bennett gould & Partners limited (lloyds insurance brokers) should i just go to a small claims court and take the chance for the sake of the small court fees and see if i can get any joy down that route, any help would be really apperciated as i think theres not much else i can really do thanks pitz11
  3. had no response from ge money or the undrwriters what are my options now as not sure which way to go can I proceed to a small claims court for the sake of £25.00 any advice would be apperciated thanks pitz11
  4. Just to clarify when you say your writing to the insurers you mean the insurance underwriters mine are Bennett Gould and partner what would I write to them just basically that the ppi was sold in error and want a refund Thanks
  5. Tried Fscs and were no help,fos also said they weren't regulated at the time so no joy there either. I will write to underwriters who are a solicitors firm and also ge money asking how do I claim back ppi then. Also notppisavy did you write to Fla. and if so what did they say If still no luck would small claims court be last hope Thanks
  6. thanks for all the replies I will contactboth the Ge money and the fos. If that doesnt work I would you think a online small claims would by my last resort because after that I dont really know what options I have left Thanks
  7. Hi all got response back from ge money i have scanned the letter to show you their response any advice would be apperciated thanks
  8. hi Hope this is in the right section, basically i had a bill with british gas so they told me to pay in installments every month to clear the outsatnding balance, i was told that this wouldnt affect my credit file and i set up DD, payments were made and 1 payment was paid a few days late by card, and then also another payment was a week late.4 months apart i was told that it doesnt affect my credit file. i was checking my credit file and see i now have 2 missed payments on my file. i have contacted BG and they apologised for the information I was given and said theres nothing they can do i even went to the energy ombudsman who said they cant do anything and that bg offered me £25 compensation for the bad service. they tried to locate the recording of the information i was given b ut coulddnt locate it, so my tough luck my problem is i dont want £25 so i refused it and they couldnt close the case as i wasnt satisfied. i want to clear the late payments on my credit file as i was told by a bg rep that my credit file wouldnt be affetced i have never recived a t & c, or signed any agreemeent any options how i can sort this out thanks ang
  9. Hi Thanks for the advice I have searched the forum and have found that another person had the same problem with cold seal(window company who have also gone bust), and they were advised to complete a fos questionnaire and a spreadsheet of claim. I will complete the fos questionnaire and the spreadsheet of claim, Is this the right option I am taking Thanks for the advice
  10. thanks for the reply fscs said exactly that they cannot investigate because of the agreement was signed before 2005 and it doesnt meet the guidelines im still stating that ge money authorised someone to sell on there behalf, on the paperwork it states insurance policy underwriter: Bennett gould and partner, which is a solictors firm do i have a case
  11. my apologises i didnt make it clear in my first sentence thanks for quick response Im fully aware that harmony windows didnt supply the ppi or loan as they are a double glazing firm, harmony windows used ge money for their finance they offer their customers, they arranged it all on a home visit and used ge money to offer credit and also ppi was included when selling the windows. my auntie signed a credit agreement which was with first national bank as it is there logo and paperwork on the credit agreemnet, its clearly a credit agrement with them and the signature on the credit agreement clearly shows signed on behalf of first national bank in my eyes this policy was sold by first national as its there credit agreement. hope it all makes sense currently not at home but can easily scan document to show exactly what was signed
  12. HI I have searched this forum and cant find the answer if its already out there my apologises. My auntie purchased Double Glazing in 1997 from a company called Harmony windows and they added PPI to the loan, the finance was for 10 years and finished in 22 may 2007, that was the last DD payment the PPI was provided from GE Money, I have all the proof credit agreement etc Harmony windows who sold the PPI policy has gone bust and is no longer trading I have contacted GE money who said I have to contact Harmony windows which i did, as they are no longer trading i have contacted FSCS who said the claim is older than 6 years so there is nothing I can do what other options do I have can i go small claims court etc any advice would be really apperciated thanks
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