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  1. Andy sorry for my ignorance what is a letter of action, what they sent me was a letter explaining that they were not counting the debt as statute barred and they also sent me a sheet of paper asking for my expenditure.
  2. Thanks you guys who have replied you have instantly made my day and made me feel a lot better.
  3. Can anyone help with this query. I was sent a letter from 1st Credit from Reigate contacting me about an account I had with The Abbey National in 2007. I moved addresses in May 2007 and had nothing to do with The Abbey since then. In July 2007 I left UK to work in Malta I have recently returned. 1st Credit wrote to me at a new address asking me to get in touch with them when I did they said that I was still owing £1400 to he Abbey. Seeing that I had not paid anything since May or June 2007 I sent them a Statue barred letter. They have replied that because
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