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  1. I have had no penalty points. I got a fine, nothing else. I will be paying the outstanding amount of £540 on monday, I have paid £60 so far. I just want to stop the baliff, who in mind shouldn't be calling anyway. I will pay the remaining fine direct to the court and not the baliff. I have no intention of paying the baliff fees
  2. I didn't receive a means enquiry form. I don't know what a further steps notice is, so will look at my paperwork. And I received a summons but did not send anything to the court regarding how I wanted to plead.
  3. I was fined in the magistrates court for unpaid car tax. I received a fine of £600 (I didn't attend court). As soon as I received the fine, I wrote to the court asking to pay in installments. I didn't hear back so paid my monthly offered amount. I then received a letter from excel baliffs stating they were going to execute a distress warrant..... I researched this and found a distress warrant can only be issued if means testing had taken place (which it clearly hasn't). I then wrote back to the court stating this and to excel to inform them I would be contacting the court. All I go
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