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  1. Thank you dx100uk for moving the thread to a more relevant forum. Will do some further reading on this forum.
  2. Thanks for the reply catquest. It's been a long time without any activity on this account and I don't want to inadvertently make things more difficult for myself with regards to clearing my credit history. Would asking for proof of the default notice affect the fact it's statute barred (and where / how do I act on this fact) and as such reset the clock on this? I'm pretty much a novice on this matter and this is the first time a company has threatened court action so quickly from first contact. I appreciate it may be scaremongering but I really don't want things to get bad again.
  3. Hello, first time poster so thanks in advance for any assistance. I'm looking for some advice on a couple of letters I have recently received from MK Rapid Recoveries. I had no idea who they were at the time but I recognised the account details they were referencing though I have never had any correspondence from them previously. It was from a Welcome Finance loan of £1500 (now £2171.35) I took out in March 2006. I, and my partner, were both put out of work in the summer of 2006 and as such all of our debts defaulted in some way at this time. We pretty much sold eve
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