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  1. Oh and another thing, if it turns out its not SB does that mean that with that letter im acknowledging the debt and I have to wait another 6 years. Sorry to harp on but im worrying about this.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I accidentally binned the letter so don't have the reference number. I just edited the letter and replaced the reference with just my name. I assume they will find me. Just to reiterate, they have tried to contact me in 6 years, but I haven't contacted them or paid anything in 6 years. Does that still qualify as SB?
  3. and what happens If I send the letter and I've overlooked something and its not Statute Barred.
  4. Thank you, I'm not registered with any credit check agency so will take few days to set one up.
  5. would they ba able to take me to court if I ignore it?
  6. I don't believe I have ever paid or made any correspondence with Freds, Lowells or BCS. This all started sometime in 2007 so it will just be 6 years.
  7. Hi, I recently received a letter from a company called Bryan Carter solicitors about a debt with Frederick or something. The first time I started hearing from Freds was way back in 2007 and have just ignored them as have no Idea what it was. But it did say Vodafone on the original letters years ago. this letter from BCS says I owe Lowell £2000 odd plus fees and have 14 days to pay it. I have a feeling I shouldn't be ignoring this one but have no legal experience. Any advice would be appreciated.
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