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  1. Here you go Mrs OFrog https://www.dropbox.com/s/qikns28v4rmvvnu/New Doc 2019-06-27 19.52.39---R.jpg?dl=0
  2. After a long period of radio silence, PE have recently sent another letter (titled 'Letter Before County Court Claim')! Reads almost exactly the same as the previous demand letter, however interestingly this time there is no mention of POFA. Happy to post up the letter if need be, but as said above it's just the usual gibberish!~
  3. 10-4. thanks for all your help, just also donated a few quid to the site. hopefully this is the last time we all hear of this thread!
  4. Thanks EB... So do nothing, right? Can't wait for the faux bailiffs/debt collection letters! Losers!
  5. Sorry for the radio silence - life has been a bit crazy recently, also in the middle of job searching and other family stuff. In the link below you'll find the letter (response to LBC) I sent to them (wholly thanks to EB of course), as well as the various responses received. I found their generic GDPR response letter amusing (a standard template), they didn't even bother to customise anything. Finally, im going to point out (to you guys) that I never submitted an appeal to POPLA, they are talking trash! https://imgur.com/a/19Uuvn8
  6. Update: so after I sent my response (basically a slightly more detailed version of EB's letter) well before the Easter Hol, after some radio silence I finally got a response a couple days back from PE. Basically a (politely worded) letter this time, thanking me for my correspondence in relation to the parking charge, and saying it has been forwarded onto their privacy team. Happy to post the full letter up here, but just seems like a standard template/acknowledgement of response letter, so the waiting game continues... BR
  7. thanks - i pretty much did write EB's response, just in a slightly longer/more technical way does anyone mind taking a look via PM? so that i can send it within the next few days
  8. thanks ericsbrother, dx100uk, and to all that helped... I have written a draft letter/response to the LBC - however i am not going to post up here (in case PE are reading these forums) happy to send via PM, if you dont mind taking a look and offering helpful criticism/comments?
  9. Thanks guys, didn't even know there's such thing as a certificate of posting! @dx100uk it was PE themselves who sent the letter.
  10. thanks a lot guys, will send them something, inline with your advice. BTW what sort of post do I have to send it by? anything special like recorded delivery? im guessing I need to keep receipts from the post office in case it goes to court and they contest receiving any correspondence?
  11. Hi all, Dragging this thread back up, 'Letter Before County Court Claim' has recently arrived in the post from ParkingEye (following a few periodic reminders). I believe I have 30 days to respond? I assume I need to refresh my memory on this topic, and then draft a response to PE - I'll post it up here for all of you to approve/critique. Is that OK? Huge thanks once again for all your help. Also, should I submit a SAR in the same letter?
  12. Understood, no time-wasting POPLA appeal it is then. From what I've read, I think POPLA appeals being decided in favour of the appellant are somewhat rarer nowadays, compared to say two or three years ago. Thanks for the advice around the signage - have you got any relevant case law examples I could read, to familiarise myself with this? Or explain what is wrong with the signage specifically? The thing I don't understand is - why do the Parking Companies pursue such cases in court, especially if they have a high chance of losing (and they probably know it). Solicitors cost £££ and I doubt the time+expenses of one attending a puny small claims court case is worth the tiny amount of money that can potentially extract from the defendant if the case is found in their favour. Also, a bit of a philosophical question (and I have no idea what the answer is at the moment): does DPA/GDPR play a part in this, seeing as ParkingEye claim to have accessed registered keeper data through POFLA when it has been demonstrated to not apply in this case?
  13. Thanks, I guess the waiting game starts. Having read many other threads on the forum as bedtime reading, the odds are it's only a matter of time before they try it on and waste my energy with further letters. Let's hope I'm wrong. EDIT: Is it not worth rolling the dice and submitting a POPLA appeal in the meantime? I mean there's nothing to lose, and the decision isn't binding for the appellant?
  14. http://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/admin/content/files/PDF_Downloads/Soton%20Byelaws.pdf Does the above help? Clearly shows that the car park (and a huge chunk of the general region operates falls under remit of the bye-laws) - I'm actually surprised that it's so large! Also found a more detailed site plan: https://www.southampton.gov.uk/images/town%20quay%20plan_tcm63-364755.pdf Should I email the council (the planning department) seeking confirmation that these planning docs are still valid, and byelaws described still cover the area in question? Or is this enough? Thanks once again for your help.
  15. dx100uk, you can find the small print here https://imgur.com/KXf2xec I will try my best to find out about the land ownership, is this to confirm whether the land the vehicle was allegedly parked on lies within the boundaries of the Port of Southampton, for ABP byelaws?
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