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  1. UPDATE: To everyone who has been following this thread. I came back home today and there was a check waiting for me from DIRECT GROUP who are the claim handlers for CLICK4GAP who are administred by RED SANDS based in Gilbralter. It has been a tough 6 months and the insurers did not act in good faith IMHO. Thanks guys.
  2. Hello guys and sorry for the late reply. My car insurers have actually paid out, they did so within 2 weeks. It is the GAP insurers that are delaying payment for whatever reason.
  3. Hi everyone, just an update: I have just spoken to the insurers and they said they are again waiting for the police to write to them as they had to fill out another form. I asked why and they didn't say anything. I have also spoken the FOS and the eight weeks deadline is this friday so will see what happens. This is absolutely ridiclulous, 4 months and counting and its still going on. I will wait till next week and decide on what steps to take.
  4. Funny how they took my money without searching my credit report though...
  5. I just checked my credit report and DIRECT GROUP did an unrecorded search on the 24th of last month. I didn't give them any permission for that so I called experian who said it was just an ID verification. I am considering querying them...
  6. Auto express may be able to help me and I am in contact with them.
  7. Yes of cos. I was driving down a road when someone suddenly ran out in front of my car and I swerved to avoid them and hit a bollard on the road. I understand the insurers wanting to ensure they are fully aware of the circumstances but over 2 months to do that? I gave them all the details of the accident, they even interviewed me over the phone, I gave them the CAD number as the police and ambulance where called to the scene. My car insurers paid out within 2 weeks but the GAP providers have been dithering. About 3 weeks ago, I was told by them that they were happy with the claim and see no re
  8. I am now on twitter and sent out a few msgs without naming them and to my surprise a few GAP providers replied and said they had indeed seen my complaint in some forums and agreed that it is quite strange. I also got in touch with auto express who asked me to send an email. I also called the Ombudsman and they are dealing with it aswel.
  9. Yea that's the crazy aspect of this whole thing. Absolutely disgraceful...
  10. Click4gap are the providers and are underwritten by DIRECT GROUP...
  11. UPDATE: Just been told that the police will have 42 days from receipt of the form to reply following which they would send the reply to the underwritters to deal with. Another 2 months wait from now. Delay tactics in motion. This is a trully shocking behaviour by the GAP provider.
  12. I have just received the Apendix D form and the requested information was the accident date, time so just verifying the accident basically. As I said, all this is just a delay tactic to delay payment and it's shocking. I shall name and shame when this is all done. In the meantime, I have signed and sent them the authorisation form.
  13. And the police report will confirm the accident as they were called by the residents to the accident scene and also followed me to the hospital and dropped me home afterwards. I honestly just think they are using delay tactics as I have an email from the investigations team that and I quote " your claim is fine and we have verified everything and see no reason why your claim should not be paid. We have sent your file to the underwriters for authorisation to make payment". Surely all that must count for something...
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