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  1. Again thankyou so much for your support, im just worried it will ruin my entire christmas but you guys have calmed me down so much, i cannot thank you enough x
  2. Again thankyou so much for your advice, im just wondering what they ment when they said theyll contact the company for further instructions
  3. Btw my parents know about the incident and things have blown off now but I really just want the letters to stop
  4. Thankyou so much for you replies, im just scares what they might do next...
  5. I have been ignoring the past 4 letters like adviced and I got a late letter this month asking for a lower price if just £65.00 however even this I cannot afford, it quotes "Should we not recieve payment or accept the offer regarding agreeing to the payment options or a alternative purposal for settlement, with in the next 14 days we will have to assume that you have no desiee to reach an amicable settlement and that you are not remorseful for the incident. Our clients will be withdrawn abd we will then seek clients further instructions" What does this mean? I am guilty however I do not wish to pay simply because I cannot afford it. I am under 18 so they stated they have no legal obligation. What should I do? I was thinking about emailing saying that I no longer live here anymore and to stop with the fourceful letters. Please help? Would they arrest me in 14 days if I do not pay? Im really worried P.s the client is Primark H xd
  6. Thankyou so much for your help, I will take your advice on board and I feel a lot better about the situation, thankyou so much for your help
  7. No my username is not my real name, im just scared of telling my parents what I did and I knoe ill be in so so sp much trouble, i dont want my dad to take the letter to thr police...
  8. P.s sorry for the spelling mistakes im just so nervous and scared... Please can you put my mond at rest?
  9. Hello there, I have been on the site before asking about RLP and the advice you all gave was very helpful. However I recieved a letter from RLPwhich I thought wouldnt even arrive... My parents told me I got a letter and watched me open it. I was so scared I ripped it up infront of them and said it was junk. However my dad got suspious and went in the bin to find scraps of the letter and he found that is was a letter for "suing". Breif of the insident: I was caught shoplifting in primark about 2 months ago, NO police were contacted, nor my parents, i was just told I would get a fine. I later came here for legal advive and to just ignor letters and that RLP have no legal obligation or proof. I persisted to tell him it was rubbishd said my ftiend got one last year in college. He believed that it was a [problem] due to him finding a P.O box on the letter, saying if it was a legit company it wouldnt have one. My problem now is I really want to stop an other lettet coming as I remember reading something about the 12th of August so im guessing thats when the nexr one will arrive I have no intention of paying up as its been adviced not to by you guys My dad said the next one that arrives hes gunna open it himself and take it to the police. I am guilty of my actions however no police were called in the first place so what shall I do? I have spoke to my dad numerous of times and told him i got legal help with it and to just ignore the letters but he started going on about "harrasment" I have been loosing a lot of sleep due to this mess and my anxiety had bern worse than ever, how can I make the letters stop before it gets out of hand? Im begging for someone to help me. 1- how can I stop the RLP letters 2- what will happen if my dad DOES take it to the police 3- Does anyone anywhere have any proof that I did it? Please help me as soon as possible Im gettibg really really worried, i keep thinking it will be okay but I've gone insain with bad thoughts about it all... Btw I'm 17 years old... Thankyou for your time reading... H x
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