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  1. but is it enforceable is it laid out in proper manner etc, is a rough photo copy good enough plus it took tem about 2 months to send it
  2. think she took it out and coped my signature but I cant prove it
  3. oh ok thanks , sorry new to this shall I repost ?
  4. hello I asked capquest for a customer credit agreement for my defaulted Lloyds credit card , defaulted 2010, credit agreement dec 2004 , they have sent me a a rough photo copy of the cca , what can I do next is the a letter template that can argue if this I unenforceable ? please help
  5. Not sure when the egg card defaulted, but I never saw any paper work from egg or the fact that Bryan Carter were taking me to court, because it's so long ago can I get the ccj set aside. So egg didn't know it was fraud. I have several other cards that have defaulted and I have successful asked for cca and heard no more from them
  6. long story but my ex partner had a away of getting to mail first and destroying what she didn't want me to see, in other words she took out credit I my name then destroyed all correspondence, I only found out about it in 2012 , by constant phone calls and treats from bryan carter, saying bailiffs have been instructed etc , and yes at my address
  7. hi I have a ccj from 2010 issued by bryan carter for a egg credit card for 5 k ! can I apply for this to be set aside then ask for a cca, or should I do nothing ? or is ccj forceable or not ?
  8. hi I have a ccj from 2010 issued by bryan carter for a egg credit card for 5k, I have not paid any towards this , is this ccj inforceabe , if so why has no one been round ,? and because its 3 years ago can I get this judgement set aside ? than ask for cca >?
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