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  1. Ok many thanks for your input today we will try for 7 days pay,unpaid holiday pay and the differance in wage rates but again many thanks.
  2. Yes as for his wages letter states £5.50 but he was paid £5.03 so minimum wages were paid. As for the notice period there is nothing in the letter regarding notice periods and looking through his employee handbook it states that he may be accompanied in the meeting but it wasnt offered to him also he had been given one verbal warning but no written warnings. But under the general conditions in the handbook it states that anyone within the trail period may be dismissed without any warnings.
  3. Having looked at the web site the letter he received seems too include all the relevant details he also received a employee handbook.
  4. Having successfully claimed against lloyds i decided too try my luck against MBNA but they refused my application saying PPI was not msisold. They sent me copies of my agreements except my first one which they no longer had copies of. The one agreement shows the tick box for ppi blank so not ticked therefore not wanted but they state following a phone call several weeks later that i agreed too have it .. ....and on the original one with no paperwork they state that i asked for it. Should i now challange them through the financial ombudsman? Many thanks Greenige.
  5. My son was taken on by a garden centre on a 3 month trial. After 3 months nothing was said and his employment lasted a total of 5 months and then the owner dismissed him saying it wasnt working out. His original letter of employment stated £5.50 p/h and he was only paid £5.00 with doing a 40 hr week there is a discrepancy there but also what holiday pay would he be entitled too? He had acctually taken 3 days off as holiday and was dismissed on the morning of his return by being called too the office without any other representation and dismissed..... ......so does he have any rights? Many thanks greenige.
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