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  1. Thank you renegadeimp for the photos! Sailor sam, so the fact it says 'closed' as opposed to 'all motor vehicles prohibited' or buses only or whatever is something to use? Apparently there is a temporary sign on one road prior to this but I came from a different direction, I'm going to go check it out in the next couple of days just to clarify though. Thank you for your help so far!
  2. This is one I found on the Facebook group 'say no to Lendal Bridge close' - as you can see the bus destructs vision quite a bit but it would be impossible to prove a bus might have been there! I've also read that in order to serve a PCN the council must also provide evidence of me driving past this sign - is this true? I've only been provided with photos of my car on the actual bridge which must be about 100-200 metres from this sign. Thanks Nicola
  3. Hi, I stumbled across this forum whilst researching ways to appeal the PCN I have just been served with. As I understand, the Lendal Bridge bus lane fiasco is quite controversial (google brings up many irate articles). I lived in York last year for a few months and throughout that time, the bridge was open to all vehicles. On 9/9/13 however I was flat hunting in York as I'm planning to move back there and drove over the bridge unaware that it is now a restricted route for buses/taxis only between 1030 and 1700. The signs are poor - from the direction I took, I did not no
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