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  1. We have also sent off the same letter to Argos but they have responded saying that we need to send off £10.00 administration fee per account - is that correct/the norm?
  2. Hi, sorry but not totally au fait with all of this we sent of a request asking for them to supply a copy of the agreement, full statement of account, a signed copy of deed of assignment, a copy of any other documentation, they have responded saying that it is not covered by cca so therefore does not have a credit agreement but have not supplied anything else either.
  3. In Respect of the SAR on the current accounts they are saying that they are not regulated by Consumer Credit Act so there are no Credit Agreements, I just need to know if this is the case or not? I did have an Unsecured Loan with them but just confused that the alert says Balance as Settled but with Default status and credit report shows a balance still outstanding with Default status...
  4. Hi, my first time on here so please be gentle.... i need a little advice in that I sent off a SARS request for 2 Overdraft accounts that are now defaulted with Santander, however they have responded on both to say that the accounts were not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act and therefore does not have a credit agreement...is this correct?? Also reading my credit report for the first time and I have alerts for an overdraft and an unsecured loan that shows the Current Balance as Settled but a default status of 8, and the report shows as both being default with an outstanding balanc
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