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  1. Thank you so much onlymemyself and Scott for the replies, i really appreciate it. Can anyone advise on good forms to fill in online and print off to take with me? I will need to try and get to a library or something today as i dont have ink in my printer at home. Feel really sick now, cant wait for this to be over tomorrow .
  2. Hi, Can I just say what a fantastic site this is and the way people go out of their way to help others is very admirable. I only wish I had found this site before tonight and there may have been a chance for me I have been reading a lot of threads regarding repossession and see that others go to court hearings having done loads of preparation beforehand. Unfortunately I havent and now fear I am going to lose my house on Wednesday 18th Sep. To cut a long story short, and of fear of boring everyone, myself and my husband (although mortgage only in husbands name) have mortgage a
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