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  1. Yes they are our local provider - we also have a small ingeus office in a side room at an internet cafe - they mainly have people who were in the esa support group long term and have been moved to wrag group so i doubt they will be closing - i was with standguide which changed to A4e then Avanta an since i finished it has changed to people plus
  2. Ingeus aside - what next for the unemployed? - Just Shuffled off to another provider like the ever changing a4e
  3. So watching the news - the government are looking to review the foi (freedom of information act) which would affect some of the replys and solutions on this and other threads here also being able to charge for foi's - so maybe worth keeping an eye on
  4. Maybe she is checking your not bluffing i suppose people could say they handed in a jsa28 to jcp to get out of the wp - if both offices arnt contact i guess they would be none the wiser
  5. Im sorry to say you have been miss-informed
  6. If you have an interview at jobcentre if you tell them you need childcare then they can arrange that - im not sure if thats for single parents only though
  7. no there is no rule against that you could even take some of his money and put it in your account for the ammount that you have supported him for if you worked it out on paper to show them
  8. No unfortunatly there is no review date stated only a start date
  9. Ok so who and what would decide when you have a review? Surelly weeks would be too soon
  10. So do they keep in regular contact with me? And also what is the support group??? Thanks for any help - also my original fit note lasts until 23rd february so will that be it as far as sick notes,?
  11. I didnt have a medical they awarded me esa support group level after receiving my questionnaire and contacting my doctor to verify what was my illness
  12. So i received a letter saying they awarded me esa at support group level - what happens next do i still send them fit notes? Any advice greatly received
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