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  1. Email sent! I will patiently await his response. Had an interesting conversation with SP earlier, when I gave her this account number she informed me that the account was clear.. .hmmm that's quite interesting as I haven't made the payment. She then looked into it more and said, no actually the £28.41 has been cleared off..she tried to contact the debt agency but they were not answering the phone. The very nice lady said she would have to look into this and call me back tomorrow, she also said that she doesn't think that I should have an outstanding balance as I was
  2. Thanks Silverfox, Great advice..will type something up now as I didn't get the chance today (my boss doesn't seem to understand the term lunch break!) Will let you know if/when I get a response x
  3. Hi Silverfox and dx, Thank you very much for your reply. I will draft an email at lunchtime today, that way I can ask my colleagues to proof read it. .my written English is not the best Should I email Keith straight away or wait and see if the rep pops in? Louise x
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some advice. I have been with Scottish Power for about six years now, I have never had any problems with them..until last week!! I checked my credit file (as my bank offer it free of charge ) and was shocked to find a default registered in May 2012! This was for the huge sum of £28.41. I was more flabbergasted than anything else as only the week before I had received a statement from SP showing I was £26 in credit! I immediately wrote an email to the complaints department asking for a copy of the default notification, I asked for an
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