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  1. Hi there I hope people are still reading this, final update for merrywoods. Phoned them last Friday as they had continued giving me the run around over last 3 weeks I was due to be paid that Friday, never was what a shocker lol then it was with a manager and then last friday I phoned and I asked as I was due to be paid for some time now. The same woman said that they had just received my complaint from the ombudsman on the 4/12 and so my refund was delayed as they had to deal with the complaint. I told them theres no way they could have just gotten it as I got my copy back in October about 2 d
  2. Hi, sorry for not replying sooner, Tricia I'm glad that you managed to get a refund I may attempt to chase them up today. I contacted the fos and they sent a complaint on my behalf. I'v been told to give them 8 weeks which will be up on the 10/12. I was hoping to wait and reply once I had positive news on the Merryood front but that may not happen. Thanks for all the hard work you have been doing tawnowl and thanks everyone on here that has helped.
  3. Thanks for the fast reply, the oft game me an email address to report the company too and the Ombudsman have sent a letter of complaint on my behalf to Merrwood Loans and said usually when they get ivolved they stop giving people the run around although I have to give them 8 weeks from today so we shall see how that goes.
  4. Hi all, Just updating on my staus. Today MyLoans refunded the whole £69.99 as promised. However MerryWood has become very nasty, 2 weeks ago I was told a manager was overseeing the refund and then I contacted them last Thursday I was told your scheduled to be refunded tomorrow, yet still no refund today so I phoned up as they are now over the 30 days time frame in the terms an conditions. When I reminded the same woman of this (same woman everytime) she said "well there'e nothing we can do if you are in a queue." to which I re iterated the 30 days has now passed she retorted "Doesn't matter we
  5. Hi, just an update on MerryWood, phoned on 17/9/2013 was advised that I am currently in a que and that I will be paid either by the end of this week or the end of next. I now have the feeling that this is going to be the run around line for the remainder of the time I chase them up as the woman didnt even ask my details. I have sent an email to customerservice@merrywoodloans to ask for clarification on my refund as Im concerned how the advisor (same woman) knew the status of my refund if she didnt know who I was. It is plausible that they have a back log I guess, just I have read posts of
  6. I think the money is then theirs as when I spoke to both companies they said that they cant tell if I took a loan or not.
  7. Thanks for the advise , ye I'm 20 so this is all new to me so I appreciate all the advice that you have to offer. Update: I phoned the bank for a chargeback as suggested, they passed me over to the disputes team who told me they cannot dispute those transactions and advised me to contact the companies, after I explained I already had again, the guy told me that they still could not dispute the transactions and do a charge back for this and advised me to contact trade and standards regarding the companies to seek legal advise. Is there anything else I can do?
  8. Update for myloans.co.uk - 16/9 - phoned to try to get a date regarding the refund. Was told that the refund is put down for 10th October and that it would be paid into the bank account via BACS, which normally takes 2-3 working days. They also said that the refund was for the full ammount. So I shall leave it till the 15th October and see if I get the refund.
  9. Hi there, I have also stupidly fallen into this trap. I usually avoid payday companies but I had a problem and didnt want to rely on my dad to sort it as I normally do. When I saw the companies I honestly thought that they were proper payday companies, however I then got to the next page on them and saw the charges so I came of the page as soon as I noticed them buy by the time I realised I had already given my card details which I assumed was for security checks. I should have taken more time but was in a rush trying to sort finances so I could solve the issue I had on my own that I stupidly
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