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  1. hi thanks for your response I have nt been physically back to the garage because i was concerned about how a scoundral like this might react to me but I have reported it to Trading Standards and they are very interested in the case and have asked for me to foward all the infomation i have onto them. CAB advised me to send him a letter as you have recorded delivery cant believe this company are still trading.
  2. Hi think I can now say im a member of the been ripped of by Barber Car Sales Group. Ive got a baby due in December and decided to free up some cash and change my mint Subaru Impreza for an older model so I could get the babys room kitted out. Saw an advert on Ebay for a impreza that was older but still looked nice and the advert said part ex and swaps considered it was Barber Car Sales. I went down had a look at the car and did the deal with 'Dave' Mr Virdi for my car and cash he said he didnt have the cash there but gave me a deposit to confirm the deal. All ok so far I got a phone call from
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