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  1. Hi all this is a complicated story so I will try and be as brief as poss. I am disabled , my husband is my fulltime carer and is receiving carers allowance for me, we have 3 dependant children, We have a joint ESA claim, we receive income related ESA and I am in support group, I also get DLA high rate mobility, middle rate care, we also get child tax credit and as we are struggling to pay our mortgage we get some help with our interest, our home has been specially adapted so selling our house would have to be a last resort. However we are barely managing and are gradually sinking more and mo
  2. I too am having an awful job with FP and am very interested in outcome of this, I have a complaint which has been with FOS for 2 years as they are so busy, my problem is that I had a loan with FP, in aug 2003 a couple of months later got a call from who we believed to be FP asking if we wanted a further advacne so we took a new loan ouit with added PPI we were told we had to have, it turned out 3 years later when I first started trying to reclaim PPi we spoke to a broker Central Trust who FP had given our details to and who pretended to be FP to get our business, Central trust were not regula
  3. the ppi was only a 5 year single premium policy, couldnt get cashback as we had arrears and couldnt claim as was 2nd applicant and only covered for life !! PPI is now stuck on loan being paid to firstplus who will not accept any responsibility for it as they gave our info to central trust who called us and offered a further advance ( we had taken out a loan with them a few months earlier) this 2nd loan payed off 1st one. Central Trust not regulated at the time so wont consider claim so going round in circles getting nowwhere !!
  4. The original loan was for £30k plus PPI of £7347, we are having a terrible job getting back PPI, First plus claim we dealt with broker Central Trust, we had no idea we were dealing with a broker until 3 years later when we first tried PPi mis sale and believe they mislead us into taking the loan under the pretence of being FP because we had taken a loan for 20k from FP 4 months earlier and received a call from who we believed to be Firstplus themselves offering us a further advance, so how the hell did Central Trust get all our details, all very fishy and underhand !! However that means FP wil
  5. morning all, I havent taken advice from CAB yet on this to be honest our local CAB are not very helpful , our first mortgage is through Barclays who now own first plus and we have no problems with our 1st mortgage, how can 2 subsidaries of same company act so differently! We are also receiving support with interest on our 1st mortgage from DWP , I read somewhere that they cannot start court proceedings if you are receiving SMI but as it it only on 1st mortgage ( they wouldnt help with secured loan as it was for debt consolidation ) . The horrendous thing is they gave me permission to pay it la
  6. I have just managed to get back onto the website it is up and running again however I posted on there a week or so ago and not had any response x
  7. Hi all, I could do with some advice on our secured loan with First Plus which is for £30 K (plus PPI of £8K ) taken out end of 2003. Firstly we are having no luck reclaiming the PPI, we have been trrying since 2007, FP claim we bought loan and PPI through broker Central Trust even though we were an existing FP customer at the time and got a call from who we thought to be FP offering a further advance on loan, we were deceived into thinking we were speaking to FP when we were not !! FP will accept no responsibility for PPI as sold through Centr
  8. Not sure if posting this in right forum so fingers crossed, I have a query regarding data protection and wondered if anyone could help. It relates to 2 loans we took out in 2003 with first plus, one in august via a broker and a refinance in december 2003 which we thought was direct with first plus as we were called by who we thought was them offering a further advance, they had all our loan info and it wasnt until 3 years later we discovered we had infact dealt with an unregulated broker who had hoodwinked us into believing they were first plus, presumably they had been passed all of our loa
  9. not getting any charges as far as we have been told but knowing how devious first plus are I cant guarantee it !!
  10. That could me be writing the above hun and I feel your pain, we too are in exactly the same boat and I am devastated, I became very ill within a couple of years of taking out this loan and my hubbie is now my carer we have 3 kids and rely on disability benefits to live on, w ehave arrears of 6k with FP and we are paying it back to them every month but if it is even one day late they keep issuing default notices and we have to fight to stop legal action, it is wrecking my health even more !! I spoke to FOS last night and like you it appears there is very little they can do as central trust
  11. Had long chat with FOS last night very unlikely they can help as it seems central trust are to blame and they were not regulated, he is awaiting further guidelines for loans pre 2005 as they obviously have alot of complaints from that time but not looking hopeful. Can any of you lovely lot give me any advice on what else if any I can do, I would be so grateful Im devastated as we are pretty close to legal action from FP and with the PPI refunded it would ease the pressure so much thanks all
  12. Thanks for that I will update when I finally get hold of FOS, I personally feel that FP should be held accountable as they clearly gave our loan info to central trust without our permission who contacted us on the pretext of being FP and offering us a further advance , this is blatant deception but I dont know if I can prove it !! any further advice or anyone who has won against central trust before regulated would be very grateful xx
  13. Hi there did you ever take this any further ?? I am having ongoing problems reclaiming my PPI with first plus, but I wanted to let you know that I did get a refund of PPI from loans.co.uk on a loan taken out in aug 2003 with first plus, I got this without having to go to FOS and it was paid to me at end of 2011 after they refused my case originally so there must be home for you, sadly for us we refinanced with FP a few months after this original loan and borrowed another 10K so our refund was not much, we now have the problem of trying to get back PPI on the refinance
  14. Right have found refund details from loans.co.uk - loan was taken out £20K august 2003 and was paid off in full in dec 03 when we refinanced PPI was £4922.49 , they refunded us £952.12 on 15/12/11 and the letter was worded as follows " this is equivalent to a full refund of the PPI premium (£4922.49) plus the interest paid on the premium to date £171.20 minus the rebate received when the policy was cancelled £4512.28, we have also included interest of 8% on the payments made towards the PPI £370.71 " Still not heard from FOS keep trying to call and email but don
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