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  1. That's great thank you. Now then I'm going to go ahead and SAR Lloyds however how do I know where to send it to. I read the info ref the data controller but I don't know who or where this is?
  2. Do I need to cca crapquest and debt management Ltd as debt management Ltd are the numptys threatening doorstopping? Also my credit file shows the debt to Lloyds as settled but crapquest now have it as defaulted. Is this important and how will it affect me?
  3. It looks like Lloyds have sold my debt to capquest after spending the last 4 years passing me around lots of different dca·s. I cca the previous dca·s and none of them ever managed to provide one. I'm guessing they don't have an original cca as I've had the credit card since 2005. My last payment for it was Jan 2009 and I sent the first cca in April 2009. I'm just providing some background info if someone can please help me.
  4. Hi I haven't cca debt managers yet as I wondered what their next tactic would be. Well now I know, I've just had a letter threatening to doorstep me. My only issue is the address for Debt managers (services) Ltd is a P.O box address so I can't send a cca request by registered post as there's obviously no one there to sign it. I don't want to talk to them on the phone but I don't want them turning up either. Can someone please give me some advice?
  5. Ok I've looked up what an SAR is however if I send one to Lloyds does that mean I'm then acknowledging the debt? and do you think a cca will keep the Muppets off my back? Over the years I've been threatened with all sorts of court action, door stepping etc as well as a discount on the debt.
  6. Hi except, the answers are on post 4. What is an SAR?
  7. I'm confused citizens. If there's no mileage in getting a cca do you mean I should go ahead and make a payment arrangement with them?
  8. It's a credit card debt opened in 2005, defaulted in Feb 2009. My last payment Jan 2009. I think first cca was sent in April 2009.
  9. Oh here we go again....... ...I have an old debt with Lloyds tsb going back to 2009 which at the time I was desperately trying to sort out a pay arrangement with them and was ignored and passed on to the first debt collector and the fun (stress) began. Back then I sent a cca request and had no response, it then got passed onto the next DC who I also cca and so on. It's been quite for a few years (admittedly I have moved and accidentally forgot to tell them....oops) with no letters suddenly out of the blue I get a nice call, letter and text from Debt Managment Se
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