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  1. what's the point insuring something that was picked up on 1pm and was supposed to be delivered to me in hours? Yes I did see the insurance. But the point is NOT that. If they gave you a deal after a bad experience that's great for you but also that does NOT make them a good company. The parcel was supposed to be delivered next day. Of course around 6pm next day alarms rings belled! I went to chat with them! Answer NOT to worry, you have until 7pm. So 7pm again, not to worry even if it says 24 hours its not guarantee to be delivred today!!! Its in our terms! Can you believe it? Then w
  2. Hello, Parcel2go one more CRAP company. I had used them for some time. Arranged collection with Parcel2Go/Yodel P2G15117143 was 24 hour service! Pay the premium for this! The parcel didn't show next day. I contacted them directly and all they were saying to me in their live help (=NO HELP they should call it), was "give us your email and we contact you in 24-48 hours". NOT A SINGLE email! Eventually 12 days later and still missing they said sorry its lost. Had they had done something from the very first day the parcel was missing (was loaded to a wrong Van), it would had been found! Big bo
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