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  1. Thanks thats certainly plan B along with a nice letter of complaint to fos
  2. They hung up at 38:16 lets try attempt 2...
  3. Dealt with? Ha not so. Checked my credit profile to find a default!!!!!! Absolutely fuming with them now. On the phone... on hold for the last 30 minutes... Any advice? I've kept all communications with them.
  4. Just an update. Today as promised I received this in writing. Dear Nathan3699, Customer ID: ******* Re: Account closure Per our telephone conversation yesterday we discussed the status of your account, which is currently closed. You have no further responsibility to Pounds to Pocket. I apologise for any miscommunication you may have received from our customer support team. Please be advised that you owe zero monies to Pounds to Pocket, and no negative marks will be made to your credit file on behalf of Pounds to Pocket. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion on the account at ************************ should you have any additional queries. Sincerely, ****************** Direct Line: 0800 016 3114 Manager After receiving this I must say I am quite happy. They have dealt with my complaint quickly, resolved far beyond my expectations. Despite my original scepticism and with the resolution in writing I can sleep easy. The question still stands to why they would do this, but for resolving my complaint I expected far worse.
  5. This would seem like a case of cutting your nose off to spite your face. wouldn't they recoup less selling a debt on than taking full payment from me?
  6. Technically they have resolved my complaint. If they do as they said they would which is to write off the debt without registering anything other than settled on my credit report. What I am looking for is some insight into why they would do this. It seems incredibly odd to me that a company would refuse a payment from someone able to repay in full, then to write off the debt with no consequences. After all this loan is only a few days old, no payments have been missed, and I have offered to pay in full numerous times, which they will have a record of.
  7. Hi all, I recently made a complaint to pounds to pocket in which I have had a response of the telephone today (awaiting a written response) I am somewhat disbelieving of the resolution but I will attempt to explain below. This is the complaint that I made and pretty much sums up what has happened: to whom it may concern, This email is in regards to my account *******. I wish to lodge a complaint today the 05/11/2013 and wish for my complaint to be dealt with in a timely manner. I am appalled by the service and pathetic excuses I have received since taking my loan out on the 24/10/2013. I decided on Saturday 02/11/2013 that this loan was the wrong solution for me. So I went online and spoke to an advisor wishing to repay. I was informed they would need to update my bank details after recently switching my account. I agreed to giving my new card details in which the advisor could take payment. I was told my card had been declined, and to contact my bank. I spoke to them to find pounds to pocket had not attempted to take any funds, and was advised to contact yourselves again. I contacted back a 2nd time and spoke to a new advisor, I was told pounds to pocket were experiencing some technical issue, and advised to try again in 24 hours. Following your advise on the 03/11/13 I spoke to a 3rd advisor, they too explained they were experiencing technical issues, they re-assured me that the amount I would need to repay would not change from the £782.32 I was quoted on saturday, and to try again in 24 hours. So I contacted you back a 4th time on the 04/11/13 as advised. I spoke to an adviser this time who originally quoted me a higher amount, after explaining they stated they could see a note on the system and corrected the amount to £782.32, I wished to proceed to make payment explaining as his or her colleague had previously they would need to update my card details. This advisor was very abrupt in telling me this was not possible, I would have to make a payment using the details on file. I did my best to explain that I had closed that bank account, and have a account I can make full and final payment with today. They were adamant despite previous conversations with your colleagues this isn’t possible, but due to the situation this can be escalated to a manager with the amount payable to remain the same. I begrudgingly accepted and was told to contact back again in 24 hours. So today, 24 hours later I log into my account. With the intention of going onto your live chat service to make payment. I was shocked and confused to find my account is in default, and the amount due has risen by almost £100. How could this be possible when the first payment isn’t even due? So for the 5th and final time I went to speak to an advisor. I was transferred to your collections department. I spoke to the advisor here who was no help what so ever, much like every employee of pounds to pocket so far. They explained the account is under review and to contact back again in, guess? Yes another 24 hours. I have several points from the above explaination I wish for you to justify. Why did it take an online company 48 hours in order to take a debit card payment? Why would the first colleague accept the payment details, but not the 4th? Why is my account in default, with ridiculous fees added onto my balance? I would also like to know, and have you confirm to me in writing that no default has been levied against my name, or on my credit profile. I am extremely disappointed, having used your services before to find that you could treat anybody this way. The drop down box responses, ridiculous excuses, and unprofessionalism of your company has forced my hand in writing this complaint. I expect written acknowledgement of my complaint with 7 working days, and recompense for the time, effort, and stress pounds to pocket has caused me. You may contact me by post or email, or by phone after 6PM. Regards, NATHAN3699 (an unsatisfied customer) My complaint was acknowledged today by email, and as requested i received a call this evening. No apology was given but I had been told my account was closed and that there will be no balance to pay. confused I asked to clarify, in which he repeated the same. I asked if there would be n impact to my credit file in terms of the so called default. I was told there shouldn't be. I have asked for the above in writing which I am waiting to receive, but I am incredibly surprised that they would role over so easily. Especially when I am able to repay my debts and have offered to in full, could anybody possibly offer me some insight to why they would do this. Have they broken some sort of code of conduct? Fear of loosing they're licence? Or is it actually to good to be true? I appreciate that was a lot of reading, but I am even more surprised by the outcome than the service I have received, nothing in life is free. Thanks, Nathan
  8. Suspected that may be the case, thanks for the helo.
  9. Hello, Id appreciate some advice. I took a contact out around this time last year with Orange for an iPhone 5, I never received a copy of the T&C so I am just going off the EE website. My phone got damaged last weekend at Bestival which I accept liability for (this isn't the problem) . I cant afford to buy another iPhone so I have bought a cheap handset as a make-do for now. As the iPhone 5 uses a nano sim, and my new handset uses a micro sim I called EE to see if they could send me a replacement, I offered to pay for this service as per my contract. I have been told on 2 occasions that this is not possible and was told to buy a sim card adapter. I followed there advice but unfortunately the adapter makes it slightly thicker and it still doesn't fit. Called EE a third time and this time was given the advice to cancel my contact early and pay the termination charge. (11 months line rental) Are they aloud to be this awkward over something as simple as a sim card? Thanks for the help, Nathan
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