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  1. if I defaulted on the mortgage what would the causes for that be, what were they making me insure against? redundancy, unemployment, illness? Or is is a blanket default for any reason?
  2. I have started to try and claim ppi back, initially the independent financial advisor wanted to meet with me to 'talk about it' I have refused, then they said my policy was not ppi but I pointed out it has ppi in the title and was part of my mortgage agreement. They have passed me on to a firm called Sesame who have emailed me the following, can you tell me what is likely to happen next? Why do they need my address? Many thanks for your e-mail below that has been forward to Sesame from Morgan’s Independent Financial Services.Sesame is responsible for the investigation of complaints against firms which, at the time the advice was given, were members of the Sesame network or one of its predecessors (Countrywide, DBS, Financial Options, IFA Network or Kestrel).To enable us to fully log your complaint, please would you advise me of your current address.
  3. I took the mortgage out in 2001. I put up 11% of the mortgage up front. I hadn't even realised I had been charged, they must have taken the money off the deposit I paid them.
  4. I took out my mortgage with the Halifax, I am trying to claim back mis sold ppi that was sold to me by an independent financial advisor and by going through all my old documents I have discovered an amount on the mortgage transactions right at the beginning of the agreement called 'mortgage security'. I haven't a clue what this is, the amount I was charged was £498.15. Anyone have a clue what this was, is this hidden ppi?
  5. Even though the Halifax did not arrange the ppi and I went through an independent advisor? Why would the Halifax be interested? Why would they help?
  6. Hello I have posted a couple of messages but they seem to disappear into the ether. Can anyone help me with information about a company called Millenium Insurance? After wading through all my documents I realise I was sold 2 lots of insurance by an independent financial advisor. The first lot ppi, was for critical illness and unemployment to protect my mortgage payments and was taken up by Millenium Insurance who sold the policy on to Kauphthing Singer and Friedlander. I paid premiums for 8 years before being made redundant and realising the insurance was worthless. the second lot was for mortgage protection in case I died before paying it off and was taken up by norwich union. I am still paying this one as I am now self employed. I now believe i didn't need either of these policies as I had substantial benefits from my employer all of which were known to the financial advisor. My mortgage was initially taken out with the halifax and I was advised at the time of taking out the mortgage that i would need ppi, although didn't take it with them. the financial advisor told me i would not get a mortgage without it. does anyone know how to go about getting my money back from millinneum and norwich union, does anyone have any addresses? please help. Dee
  7. Well that clears up who I start with, d o you know who I deal with or where I get an address for PPI repayment from Norwich Union? Do you know what I do about the insurance being passed on to Millenium insurance? Do I have to write to them too? thank you so much Dee
  8. thank you so much for replying to my request for help. I have some of the documentation, the PPI was arranged by a financial advisor not employed by halifax and he suggest norwich union as the company to go with. My initial mortgage was with halifax but is now with cheltenham and gloucester. I have the original mortgage documentation from the halifax and from the financial advisor. The financial advisor arranged the ppi through countrywide assured insurance services. I have to admit to being confused by it all because the policy booklet from countrywide has Axa as the insurers but the policy document is from Norwich union. When I took the mortgage out I did speak with a financial advisor at halifax who also said i would need ppi but the independent consultant said he could arrange it cheaper and charge no fee as he would recover this from the insurers. His price was cheaper so i went with him. blimey it is such a tangle how on earth are we supposed to know what is going on.
  9. Can anyone please help me to untangle a PPI claim. I took out a mortgage with Halifax back in 2001, they suggested I get PPI but I didn't go with them. This was my first mortgage and I was coaxed into using a financial advisor who would not charge me for his advice as he received a fee from the organisation who would provide the PPI. I did not have a clue about any of what he arranged and trusted he was doing the right thing. I have dyscalcula, I told him this and that this was my first mortgage so was relying on him. He knew at the time that I had benefits from my employer which included 6 months full time pay and then 6 months half pay if I was off work sick and had death in service agreement. He persuaded me that I had insufficient cover and as the information from Halifax stated I should have some I went along with it. He arranged for me to have PPI for unemployment, accident and critical illness. He also arranged Mortgage Protection Cover, the latter also insured against critical illness. The insurance seems to have been passed to different organisations over the years, the first was Countrywide Assured who used Axa but the policy came from Norwich Union, then it went to Millennium Insurers who did some strange policy with Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander (the Icelandic company who went bust). I cancelled the PPI in 2008 because after being made redundant I realised that the policy was worthless. I don't know who I am supposed to write to to claim miss sold PPI and what I should say to them can anyone please help me. thank you.
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