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  1. Thanks very much for the advice, I don't intend to do a runner, I don't want to ruin my credit or risk CCJ's - in an ideal world I would just carry on paying it as when I am employed, I can afford to! I will call Stepchange and see what they suggest, Thanks!
  2. Hi All I am new to this website, but found some useful information and thought I would post my dilemma and hopefully get some advice. I am moving to the USA in 3 weeks time with my long term partner as his job has been relocated over there (for 3 years). I will be moving over on a visitor visa, therefore I won't be working (although I intend to look for work once I get there). My issue is this, I have debt of about £10,000 here in the UK that I have been paying off (I have never defaulted or had to freeze payments) for many years, but obviously I am about to be unemployed, with no idea when I will be working again and don't know what to do about paying my debts. Has anyone got any advice? Is it worth me simply picking up the phone and explaining my situation to my creditors? Unfortunately my partner cannot afford to pay to look after me and my debts!
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