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  1. trustee costs and fees as I said this was a ball park figure given by a barrister
  2. i have asked a barrister for a ball park figure as to what my brother may owe and she said probably about £70000. this is for an original debt of £3500 council tax which he did not know about because the statement of demand was served to his estranged wife.
  3. I would just like to say a word of warning I have read on this site somewhere that an SD cannot be deemed served if given to someones wife. An SD for my brother was served on his estranged wife and he was made bankrupt. When he appealed to have his bankruptcy overturned the judge said that the bankruptcy order would stand. She said that as far as she was concerned the bankruptcy petition had been served although he denied having recieved the bankruptcy petition
  4. I own a half share in a house. My brother owns the other half share I have lived there for 6 years on my own My brother has been made bankrupt He has enough assets to cover this debt without selling the house Will, can, the Trustee in Bankruptcy evict me and force me to sell ?
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