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  1. Fair enough mate, I can understand! But tbh I haveny got any other choice & that's because all these companies I mentioned earlier on they all are part of the Hasting Group, I didn't knew about it before but I just spotted it on their website so regardless the fact I go to any I would be getting the same level of Service, I'm assuming. And also,because my choice is very limited at the moment I guess I'll be better off taking the cheapest one i.e Hasting Direct and be a good driver for a year and don't make any claim. This will eventually result in me turning 21 with 1 year NCB and then hopefully I'll be having better choices next year and then I can move onto any freely, if that make any sense?
  2. I don't know, I got quite a few but they keep on changing there's every year so I don't know, lets see if increasing my excess makes a big difference first!
  3. That's what I've been thinking about it today that I should probably increase my Voluntary Excess to £200 & the Compulsory is £95 and that a total of roughly £300, and if I get the Likewise to even £1500, I would buy it, because if u look at it, If I don't make a Claim I would be saving myself £300 straight away whereas if I do Claim it then I would pay £300, which I was gonni pay initially, so might as well hope for the best and save myself £300. If that make sense?
  4. After looking at this list, I just rang NFU straight away to get a quote and I couldny believe when the lassie on the phone told me the quote, OMG, it is about £7,000 and I was like, You Winding Me Up? Hahaha, now why would anybody pay for that, not me I mean just anybody, that's stupid! I'll try some others and see if I get any cheaper anywhere else. But really appreciate your reply bud, ta!
  5. I really don't wan't to do that, I dannie wan't anything like that which keeps track of me, Na, that's a straight No, but thanks for your help! BTW this reply was for {renegadeimp} regarding the Box!
  6. The only reason I'm shopping Online is because that's what I was being told to by my pals who's been driving for years and years now. And I never knew anything about the Brokers or TV programs or anything like that, and I also felt that doing it online makes it handy. You know I mean? You just get an Instant Reply straight away.
  7. Hello all I am very new to this website, and the reason I'm posting here is because this comes in the top with regards to the reviews. So the situation is, I'm planning to buy a car next week, and I was checking for Insurances on Google, for obvious reasons Hasting Direct is coming up as the Cheapest. The quotes I'm getting so far are as follows: (I'm only 20 and I passed my Test last month, so the Insurance is costing me a FORTUNE, and that's the reason why I WOULD LIKE TO VERY CAREFUL AS I AM PAYING A FORTUNE SO I NEED TO MAKE SURE I'M PAYING IT FOR GOOD AND NOT GETTING IN WRONG HANDS) 1. Hasting Direct: £ 1,679. Doesny include Legal & Windscreen! 2. INSURE: 1,679. Doesny include Legal & Breakdown! 3. People's Chocie: £1,679. NO Legal & Breakdown 4. Hasting Premier: £ 1,739. Includes Legal, Courtesy Car, Breakdown & Windscreen. 5. Likewise: £1,862. Includes Everything! ALSO THESE QUOTES ARE ONLY WITH TOTAL OF £145 EXCESS! Other than these mentioned are all over £2,200 which I am really canny offered it! So, as I said, I would like to make sure that I'm investing my hard earned money in good! YOUR HELP WOULD BE REALLY APPRECIATED, THANKS ALL!
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