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  1. But to be fair, the german system is INCREDIBLY draconian.
  2. No, a friend who was doing some looking into things, and is a bit of a worst case scenario fellow. He said they could arrest me because I hadn't signed this particular form here in germany. One that says I am insolvent. Which I think is maybe an extreme measure.
  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the advice and information. I just felt sick about it- I was told all the systems were interconnected and that I ws so screwed.
  4. Hi all, This is one of the best websites on debt I have seen, and I am hoping you can help. I am a canadian and I live in Germany. I was freelancing and life went into the toilet. I have a debt that isnt huge, but it doesnt matter, it is insurmountable at the moment. They shut off a bank account, but a friend has helped me with this by letting me run my pay through theirs. I am being put on the bad german debt list and a bailiff is involved here. I am presently working towards a payment plan with the bailiff because finally I have a job that pays more than 800€ a month. Oh the Berl
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