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  1. Positive it says DLA1 bottom left front page. no idea , but it is definitely no the same form as before. mike
  2. I was given award for set period previously yes , so I suppose this is a reassessment , even though there is no note to say otherwise. do you think they sent me a new application by mistake ? On the old form they had mental, cognitive functions all in one category as they did physical - which going out was part of , I do not get at all how that has been reduced to something now only affiliated with walking, and those who can walk while ignoring everything else. mike
  3. then what did I get ? as it has DLA 1 jan 2013 on it but is nothing like the one from the last few years ( possibly since 11 ) cant remember , Its nearly all care focused questions with only 10 questions asking about physical problems related to walking ( q 25 - 35 ) when getting around. mike
  4. No , not from what I can see , its just a revised version of last years dla form. I shouldn't have to deal with PIP till 2015. There are so many questions missed out however , I was thinking of just printing them out ( my photocopied responses ) from the form I filled out last year. Do you think that would be a problem ? mike
  5. I am trying to complete mine but am shocked to see nearly all the questions are centered around people who can walk, so for example there are no choices for wheelchair users when getting around , just those who can walk. It doesn't even ask if you can stand , or reach etc any more either , I mean I might as well write them a whole dossier as there is nothing really there at all geared towards asking questions about serious disability. mike
  6. I'm not , but the the last time I claimed 4 yrs ago I was not housebound - so the benefits I would of otherwise being using - and not been able to currently use since then have accumulated outwith my typical savings . mike
  7. Its connected, as I have declare savings to DWP , local council etc mike
  8. Well if they already knew I was housebound and I still am there is nothing to declare , and even if I did improve on what time scale is that measured ? i.e. what if i became re injured again in a week or even a day ? ( As is quite possible with my issues.) mike
  9. That is something else too , I have unoffical carer of sorts in my folks who empty the bin , and do some cleaning once a week , cut my toe nails ( as i cant bend ), its not over 35 hrs ( more 4 -5 ) as required but its still invaluable as I like my privacy and they can pick up some things for me otherwise not unavailable i.e. treats like Chinese . I do pay them for this , in addition to food they deliver for me , but its usually not that much ( the care ) as they never tend to ask any way. Is there any way I can officially pay them for this through the DWP and what classifies as care if you have someone helping out with payments / finance and other things ? mike
  10. Well I've been housebound and told them about it ( DWP ) and they awarded me what they saw fit which mounts to just over £2640 a year for mobility / transport. But obviously if I am housebound thats not going to be used , unless I improve and get out , so how exactly do you do decide when to award that someone or not if their in such precarious position to start with , and their health situation can change from day to day ? I dont see why someone should be penalised for something that was awarded to them if its was someone else's decision like the DWP, or why they should be penalised for not being able to use because of situations outwith their control like their health . ( its not like that person is choosing to remain housebound after all ) Is there a rule that states someone should have the mobility component stopped if they have been housebound for xxx years ? mike
  11. so what happens if I transfer some ( I'm assuming they can find out ), or am I better just leaving it and arguing my case ? mike
  12. I'm currently filling out my housing benefit and have under £23,500 ( which I read somewhere was the cut off ) but reasonably close because I've not been out spending cash on things due to being housebound. 3000 of that is in Isa and the rest - or 15,000 -is in my current / saving accounts at the same bank. Will this be penalised in an way. if I'm between say 18,000 and 23.5000 , and if so what are my options ? thanks again , mike
  13. So what happens if they cant find somewhere to lie ? I cant shout at them or talk that loud so even if I lie down on the floor their unlikely to hear me . thanks, mike
  14. Thats the thing Margaret, the job center cant even guarantee me a couch or someone to lie , I was hoping to record them here - all bet it secretly - and might well do any way to make sure their version isn't " edited " if I decide to , or have to appeal. thanks again , and to everyone else whose responded. mike
  15. The only EDS specialist in Scotland has 2 yr waiting list , so what happens then ? Are they going to blame me for not going before when the DWP have been perfectly happy with my evidence for over 13 yrs , and if not whose fault is that ? Also that referral I was approved for 10 yrs ago to see the top EDS specalist was never made known to me at the time until I requested my complete records in late 09 , so its not like I was even aware I could of gone any way because my GP at the time never told me - nor did any one else. Not just the travel its my inability to talk without physical issues , at least with doctor I can use history and write to them in advance with info ( as i do ) , i cant do that when im required to represent myself in person because of my limited ability to answer questions - which then puts me at further risk because it will just misinterpreted against me i.e. what happens if i cant answer a question I get so bad given they don't even acknowledge health problems or history ? That and the fact that I will have to sit the whole time I'm doing it ( unlike at home ) just spells disaster because sitting or being upright only makes it far worse .-lying down however is a bit easier.. If I went to London or even Glasgow Id have to fly , and even then its big risk because its not like i can test run it beforehand..- hence why it has only been something I considered now as final resort / resolution. Bottom line is I dont know if I could go even then , but if their going to stop my ££ because I do have evidence their happy with , then what am I meant to do ? I have no one to represent me ( my folks are clueless ,old and have their own worries too ) so who else is there that is going to fight my corner ? mike
  16. I spoke some physio today who told me anything he wrote would not be accepted by ATOS and that is has to go through my GP and requested by him . He suggested it would prob be better to try and get a private referral ( esp if the waiting list here is longer ) and as I already had a Specialist accept me for one years ago even before I became as bad as I am.
  17. that is true , although it is not just Prof Graham I am going there for ( hopefully ) but this scan which is one of kind and not available anywhere else , nor do is it mean theres any less risk - but at least I'll will be taking for good reasons other than with someone who is not eeven possibly qualified as doctor never mind one in EDS .
  18. thanks, I'll keep that in mind .
  19. I've managed to find a chiropractor here who claims to be familiar with EDS and can do referrals so we'll see. In the meantime I've booked an appointment with Prof Graham in London for dec 18th ( his earliest ) but I doubt ATOS are going to be non to happy about it or allow me that much leyway so not sure what I can do other than explain the doc would need to send me to specialist for eds any way of which theres none here . ( closest and only one in Glasgow has 2 yr waiting list ) mike
  20. Thanks again, for your help mike
  21. no it was after, the whole reason I took it out was due to some online fraud that started in 08 then more serious event round 09-10 , I think Ive only been into overdraft x1 in my life . mike
  22. I am actually already a member and have been for while of that site ,its pretty useful as you say. Funnily enough it was radiologist herself I spoke for that scan that said I could get referral through an Osteopath. That type of scan is the only type available in the UK unfortunately, its very unique in that allows different views upright.in different positions i.e. rotation, flexion etc mike
  23. Hi, It was actual the annual , which was £23.00 if I recall . mike
  24. I believe I was mi sold this as being necessary to cover my cards against online fraud when I was already disabled at the time before I applied for it ( I've been disabled since 2003 ) some 5-6 yrs before I ever took out PPI. It turns out too , that money for the PPI has just been taken out of my bank as well despite the fact I did not renew it . Am I correct in assuming that this is something that would qualify a gross misrepresentation on the part of RBS and something I should be able to claim back for ? I did not and never had had an overdraft , mortgage or any of the other things RBS mentions their PPI cover ( which they would have known ) ,and the fact I was already disabled would I assumed already have invalidated it any way Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is an optional insurance policy often taken with loans, mortgages, overdrafts, credit cards or store cards that could cover you if you can't meet your repayments in the event of involuntary unemployment, illness, accident, disability or death. thanks folks, mike
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