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  1. I realise the limit for savings is 6000.00 when on benefits , but what I don't understand is how any surplus money could be considered any more fraudulent than someone who is spending all their money on things that have no relevance to their needs i.e. satellite , booze , excess food etc The reason I ask is because while being as bad as I am ( bed bound 4 yrs ) I have saved more than I thought ( over 6000,00 ) because of my physical limitations and inability to lead a " normal life " ( even by most disabled standards ) i.e. not being able to drive or own a vehicle or using a carer ( my mother has helped ) , or going out to spend money due to being housebound ,or using phones because I can barely talk / have no one talk to any way etc etc I also never had my flat adapted or been able to seek treatments because there's none that exist here ( which is not my fault ) without traveling ( Which I have been unable to do ) or go to America ( which is far more than I can afford ) to get an operation. ( which is available there but not in the UK ) I am pretty annoyed by this because I feel that this lack of service in this country for my condition not only borders on discrimination but negligence too , and as result denies me the same rights more common disabilities have to be catered for in way that leads to them having less money ( Because they have something that helps them ) I mean if there is possible cure / treatments and it is only available in the US and not here , why should someone be punished for saving for a chance to help themselves rather than the person who chooses to waste it all on indulgences ? To me that is unfair, belittling and just encouraging someone with no choices or options ( through no fault of their own ) to blow money for fear they will be punished for a service their government doesn't provide. Are there any cases where exemptions for conditions / circumstances are made by the DWP or does the one rule fit all mean some will forever be doomed to never get the chance for treatments more popular conditions by default get ? Mike
  2. Hi Folks, Seems 6 months was enough after all . Thanks for all your replies. mike
  3. Can someone who becomes an , " official carer " claim for the time spent caring for someone beforehand / previous to that, and if so for how long ? Thanks, Mike
  4. How far back are you actually required to show statements ( I've read both 4 months & 6 ) or does it vary on the person ? thanks, mike
  5. Lets hope it comes fast then . mike
  6. Thanks every one , bit confused though how ATOS are still being allowed to run PIP if on some level their , " departure " must surely reflect on how badly they have done and handled things , isn't that a bit like a guilty criminal being fined but still being allowed to walk free / continue his ways ? mike
  7. I sent my PIP form to be assessed some months ago and have about 5 months of unpaid DLA ( or whatever it is now ) dependent on it , has any one heard what will happen to those claims ? ( esp for folk living on reduced disabilities like me ) thanks, mike
  8. If they can just refuse a claim then how are you meant to even stand a chance of getting it int he first place ? mike
  9. So of the originating state pay for it , do you not fall under their laws rather than UK ones with ATOS , or would you still be required to potentially pay for someone from there to come over as someone here earlier suggested ? In what way can the UK make it difficult if the originating country you went to agree to pay ? ( I read they some people had the DLA suspended for just inquiring ) thanks, mike
  10. Hi, There is no ref no on the letter , but it is completely misleading and I quote , "You cannot claim DLA but you can claim PIP, so we have sent your form to them to treat it as a claim, they will contact you as soon as they can " Hence why I waited while in the meantime they cut my benefits and never contacted me at all . mike
  11. TBH I dont consider most disabilities to be a period of hardship but a lifetime of it ( depending on disability this can be very harsh indeed ) not to mention the obvious physical impact this has on your life and how people see you - or rather dont ( try going dating in a wheelchair and see how far u get ) or the abuse from public services and general members of the public. It is not like this improves usually or is some illness that you suddenly improve from as you imply from the word period , its permanent that is why someone who has been claiming so long has had no choice but to claim after all , not because its fun or some escapism. Dont get me started on lack of decent mobility services or products out there that are still using technology like lead batteries that further restrict you and reduces your existence to a groundhog day. Id happily accept euthanasia if it cut benefits rather than live like this trust me, my point in the end being we cant escape what put us in this position or buy our way out of it - yet someone who violated or taken life can by virtue of the very same brain,body they used to cause abuse in the first place. I dont care what you cut it, that should not be allowed esp when they've permanently left an innocent far worse off than themselves and had a choice some of us dont even get to lead a better life. If creating money was a sign of good character we'd been living in utopia right now , but instead it's the other way round with the richest simply taking more at the expense of leaving the rest of with less freedom and powerless against their almighty goldmines.
  12. In short the title pretty much sums my current problem , the DWP are claiming they do not have my application for DLA back in Oct despite having sent a letter to me back in Nov saying they were passing it onto PIP for assessment. When a family member phoned the DWP they claimed they have no record of it and in the meantime my PIP former DLA has been stopped ( without any forewarning or letter ) which in turn has reduced my incapacity . As this is not my mistake and I only responded to what I was told in that letter I do not see why I should be penalised for something that is not even my fault and find it conspicuous too that they would cut my benefits without being aware of a decision from PIP regarding my application when they said it was up to them in the first place ( hence the reason why they were passing it on ) . DWP have also claimed because they no longer have access to records to check whether it was there and as I said PIP are denying they have it , so whose responsibility it is actually ( I would of assumed DWP ) because clearly PIP did not cut my DLA if they did not have my application , or did they ? Again , no letter was sent by PIP either to say they've received nothing from me or DWP , so how was I meant to know ? I have written back to PIP asking them to contact DWP about this because it seems my application has been lost during this transition over to PIP but in the meantime I'd appreciate any other suggestions on what I should. thanks again, mike
  13. Hi StarryEyes, thanks for that info , Ive been trying to think of backup plans because I am again in fix since ATOS are behind this PIP thing hope your doing well , and happy belated xmaz mike
  14. So does that actually mean it is possible to still get some then ( even just the care side of DLA ) ? mike
  15. Do you think its right then that someone with a criminal record can hypothetically leave the UK after raping someone then move to somewhere like Dubai ( which does no background checks ) just because they can work , while someone too ill through no fault of their own should be punished by having no choice ? Please explain to me how that is not discriminating , and morally corrupt ? The UK seems happy to pay benefits to anyone who wasn't even from here , why should it not take care of its own just because they want the same choices a physically able person has ? mike
  16. Will do - thanks but I still don't understand why there's sites like the one I linked too suggesting otherwise , and that some DLA is still available. mike
  17. From what I read only the mobility component of DLA would stop , or has that changed ? What would happen if you were a dual passport holder of that country though ? mike
  18. Have you read this ? mike
  19. With all the testing involved with ATOS and now these PIPS run by the same company , I've been wondering if its worth while staying in the UK at all given the quality of life and what the alternatives are , is it actually still possible to move abroad on and still receive DLA ( I am interested in moving to Holland ) or has ATOS's take over of that too made it impossible ? And how does ATOS actually enforce their testing if your living there , as opposed here ? thanks, mike
  20. Hi, I tried convincing him , but its no use.. Ive basically just been betrayed as he has no intentions of even trying to ask and has not given me a reason - much less spoken.. thanks for responding though mike
  21. I have serious medical problem I cant travel myself to get diagnosed and was hoping my brother could assist with because its genetic . The problem is he says he works an irregular schedule and doesn't in advance if and when hes working until sometimes last the second. This is in a job up in Scotland which he has roughly been working a year at . Do statutory rights still apply in this case , and if so could it fall under time off for someone who is dependent on them ( as I am ) for 2 - 3 days ? This isn't life or death but it is desperate given my circumstances. thanks, mike
  22. I dont need to enroll in card care scheme to be covered for that do I ? thanks, mike
  23. Does any know of an email address for income support / incapacity benefits ? I'm have my usual speech issues and have just noticed they have given me £50 less for this month .. thanks, mike
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