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  1. ...Sending a SAR to Hutchison 3G today. Interestingly the default balance is actually a couple of quid different to my last ever statement from them.
  2. I had spoken to Hutchison 3G less than a year ago though as I was going to pay this, and upon calling up they confirmed the smaller amount was what I owed. I will SAR Hutchison 3G as I do have absolutely no idea where this new balance has appeared from. The only way I could see this being Hutchison 3G is if they add a charge when they sell the account.
  3. Thanks Brigadier, So if Hutchison 3G have no record of this balance then would this mean the default has been misrecorded?
  4. Hi Thanks for your replies, The default does show on Equifax, and I would assume Experian although I've never checked. It was just CallCredit it never appeared on for Hutchison 3G (the middle of 2011 was the default date). I'm not too fussed, I just pretty sure it is now a new default as there wasn't one reported to CallCredit before. There is no entry for Hutchison 3G any more, it was removed about three weeks before Lowells filed their default. The default sum is the only amount I was ever aware of before Hutchsion terminated the account, this inflated sum never appeared on th
  5. Hi, I had an old default with Hutchison 3G for a contract I had for a number of months a couple of years back. Same old story, the service was awful, I made many complaints about their billing, poor signal, chasing money which they would not send me invoices for - unfortunately all by telephone so I probably can't prove any of my complaints. I've recently noticed that the Hutchison 3G default had disappeared and it has now reappeared as Lowell Portfolio 1 a few weeks later. I understand this now means that the debt has been sold to Lowell Portfolio 1. I have a number of questions I w
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