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  1. That looks pretty good. I was going to send this and also contact equifax about it. Would I be better to send the S.10? You have failed to supply me with any details about the account XXXXXXXXXXXXXX as requested in my letter dated 25/01/2012. section 78 request (CCA 1974) requests a 'true copy' (reg 3(1) CC(CNCD) Regs 1983) of an original agreement. Since you are unable to provide me with and I have no knowledge whatsoever of this debt, I insist that you remove any record of this account from my credit records immediately. Should you fail to do this within 14 days of the date of this lett
  2. Thanks, I just had a look and the ICO and they recommend that I should contact the DCA. Should I write to them demanding that they remove the default? Is there a template for this and should I give them a timescale? Many thanks, Ted
  3. Hi, I've sent s SAR to 1st credit ove r40 days ago but haven;t heard anything. Can anyone tell me what my next move is in getting this default removed? Many thanks, Ted
  4. Thanks. That was my intention. I'll write back tonight telling them to remove it.
  5. Hi, I have a default on my equifax record from 2007 (lst updated 2008) registered by 1st credit. I have no idea what it is from, and sent them a SAR to find out. They came back to me saying they can't find any records from me and can I tell them the account number I'm talking about. I'm a bit peeved at that as I don;t even know what the account number is. I've never had an account or any dealings with these people. I'm guessing they bought up a debt from years back that has long since been settled or barred. There is a four digit reference on equifax, and I'm wondering whether to quo
  6. Just to keep people in the loop about these gits, I thought I'd update this. 1st credit or equifax have provided zilch in the way of proof that this debt even exists. Equifax still refuse to remove the default. Copies of my e-mail exchnage below: Hi, I am writing in reference to the question I previously asked about this account. Despite more than 28 days passing I have still received no correspondance from the party alleging the debt. If first credit have sent a valid agreement and statements to you, could you please let me know and send me a copy. If not, could you please remo
  7. Hi all, Well the 28 days have well and truly passed and I have heard nothing. what is my next move? do i write to Equifax and demand that they remove the default? Could anyone give me a pointer on what I should write? many thanks, Ted
  8. Well equifax relied quickly... Dear Ted Thank you for getting in touch. The company has requested a copy of the agreement and statements from Barclaycard which will be forwarded to you. If you don't receive this within the next 28 days and wish to complain further, you can contact the Information Commissioner's Office. I've enclosed their contact details below: Information Commissioner's Office Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF You’ll find more information about your credit report at: Equifax Online Help - Current Questions. If you have
  9. I'll send the SAR. In the meatime i sent Equifax this: Hi, Thanks for you response. Despite 1st credit telling you that they have "investigated" the matter, and that the information is correct. I certainly don't consider it to be. I do not recognise this debt, I have never received a default notice. There is no proof of anything here. for a default to be issued a compliant default notice has to be issued. I have never received one. By not doing so, 1st credit have financially defamed me, and Equifax are perpetuating the defamation. If they are unable to prove that thi
  10. Hi, I've just got this from equifax. They have closed my query! Dear ted Credit Agreement - 1st Credit Ltd (I) The company has investigated your query and have advised Equifax that the information is correct and should remain unchanged. This information is supplied by the company and we are unable to amend it without their permission. We suggest that you contact the company directly if you need further information. The note previously added stating that your information was in dispute has now been removed. You’ll find more information about your credit report
  11. Thanks! I have the evidence that you knew about this from the CRA when the e-mail was sent, but do you think i should send 1st credit a recorded delivery letter directly too? Cheers, ted
  12. Well equifax replied. By the look of it they have contacted 1st credit, and this is what they have sent to me: Response (Administrator) We consider the information to be correct and have requested a copy of the agreement and statements from Barclaycard which will be forwarded to the consumer for his comments. Auto-Response Dear Ted Thank you for your recent query reference number xxxxxxx. In order to resolve this query we have engaged the company in question to examine their data. This process can take up to 28 days, but as soon as we have an update we will let
  13. I just sent equifax this: Hi, I recently re-visited by credit report. I was shocked to see a default for the above account. This did not appear on my report several months ago when I last accessed it. The default was registered in 2007. I have never recieved a default notice for it and do not recognise the debt. Could I ask you to remove the default as there has never been a default notice for it and I do not recognise 1st credit or owe them any money. Many thanks, Ted. Fingers crossed.
  14. Thanks I'll look into it. I'll also write to equifax asking them for the default notice. Thanks, Ted
  15. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Sorry. I'm not really sure about this. I take it I should have been issued with a default notice? I can ask Equifax for a copy of that? Or should I ask 1st Credit. Thanks, Ted
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