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  1. I was wondering. The parking thing we were aware of, and even the ROW we were willing to say never mind: maybe we should have investigated, despite the impassible nature of the land over which the ROW passed. I know that people can, and do, sell with knotweed: I think we just had a particularly jittery buyer. But in doing the right thing, we have made some discoveries. The knotweed expert found old growth that had definitely been cut down to put up the fence and there was evidence of old, dead knotweed sticking up above the fence: I suppose the vendor could argue that they didn't know wh
  2. Hello, if this isn't the right place to ask this, please forgive a newbie and then (please) point me in the right direction. My husband and I purchased a mid-terraced property in 2010. We viewed the house itself, once, but at the time hubby was living in the area and scoped it out for traffic, noise etc. We knew the property was next to a barber's shop and across from a newsagent/grocer so expected there to be problems with people parking outside our house: we were right, so turned the parking space back into a fenced off front yard and put in some planters and got relative peace and no
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