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  1. Hi all Wondering if someone can help me. I do not have a bad experience to post (yet!) but wanting advice on what's best to do in my situation. I have debt on both my credit cards in which i'm paying high values of interest on. I wasnt registered on electoral roll which really affected my credit score, i am coming up with a really low score and high risk, even though i've never missed any payments of anything, had several DD in place for years, had a car bought in my name, had a constant wage paid into my account for 5+ years. I am now on electoral role but it takes a long time to build credit, doesnt just change straight away. I have tried to get 0% balance transfer card, and loans with low interest but cannot get any of them due to my credit score, without paying massive amount back (i.e lending £4000 payign back £7000) which is something I am not stupid enough to do . I really want to consolidate my debt on my cards and what I owe out to others each month, into 1 loan and pay 1 amount out each month, but am struggling to get a loan. I do not have anyone to guarantor my loan either. I've seen log book loans, i have a card with value of around £4000-5000 but do not want to pay them £7000 + back. I dont have the worry that i couldnt pay the monthly payments as I definitely could once I've paid my debt off. Can you recommend a company in particular that is safe and wont change the rates/how much I owe all the time. I want to borrow a set amount of say £4000 against my car, then pay a set amount out each month for say 2 years. Which comp is most trustworthy and best to use??? THanks
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