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  1. Please can someone help or advise me. Eight years ago Sse started billing me for my tenants electric five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and have been extremely ill and disabled ever since. All through this illness and disability SOC have continually build me thousands and thousands of pounds for my tenants electricity up to £15,000 even though I produced tenancy agreements finally they took me to court demanding £8000 for two years use of electricity for a small bungalow with 1 to 2 tenants in it . The bungalow also had solar panels providing daytime electricity. Sse said the bill was £8000 for two years and because I lost the court case they added £9000 in cost totalling £17,000 they require me to pay for my tenants electric. Sse said the tenants did not exist and then I produced housing benefit evidence that they did exist then Sse told the court that the tenants were actually my lodgers even though I produced address evidence of where I was living I was not listened to and I lost . Hence Sse have a CCJ against me for £17,000 that I cannot afford to defend or appeal. Now the big problem start. Because of this I was referred to a debt management company Who advised me to take an IVA and they have collated my income and expenditure and details of any assets and valuations to prove I have nothing I am able to sell. This company contacted Sse to try and negotiate a payment plan . Sse rejected any offer of any payment plan stating they would only accept the £17,000 in full. I do not have this and I am living at the moment on disability benefit and working tax credit with very Limited income. I complained to Sse about how could the bill be £8000 for two years they refuse to investigate my complaint they also refused to give me a deadlock letter so the ombudsman would investigate. The litigation department at Sse have continually bullied me for eight years all through my illness now I am extremely depressed and distressed they will not accept any payment plan. I also complained to Sse that the litigation department were pursuing me as if it was a personal vendetta and they would rather Sse had no money from me whatsoever as long as they could bankrupt me or pursue me they would not accept any negotiation for an IVI or any payment plan telling me the payments had to be substantial within a short period of time and nothing else was acceptable I am being bullied and intimidated and I don't know which way to turn because I do not have the money and I do not have anything I can sell. I have that's the court for time to pay but Sse have objected to that application and I'll demanding £17,000 I don't know what to do next, I have had a years of bullying and eight years of fighting cancer and they still won't leave me alone I have asked if the debt collection can be transferred out of the litigation department into a vulnerability department at Sse so I can receive some fair treatment considering my illness and anxiety and depression now. They refuse to allow me to speak to anybody else and would not give me any managers names and said this particular person within the department will be the only person to deal with this. I feel this is unfair and discriminating against me because this woman has been involved for quite some time and obviously has a personal vendetta against me and wishes to see this through to the end where the SOC get money or not she obviously is on some kind of bonus for finishing me off I can't negotiate with her and nor can the debt counselling company negotiate. We are at a stalemate where she demands £17,000 and nothing else will do and I am unable to pay this. I Have a friend who nursed me when I was very ill and who I lived with during these two years with Sse and making me liable for my tenants electric in a rented property and he works on the minimum wage in the factory. He has said he would give his life savings just a few thousand pounds to Sse in settlement Of this but they will accept nothing less my friend is prepared to even work for extra years to try and negotiate with them but they will not hear of any negotiation. They will not accept and I V a L any payment plan and I don't know what to do next because I do not have the money To pay for my tenants electric bill and all the court costs. I am at my wits end now and I do not know which way to turn SSE have indicated they are going to continue to bully me until they get their money and they will not accept the payment plan but will pursue me in 'other ways' they say This is a proper the charity designed to help people like me and yet Sse will not negotiate or even speak to them at all other than demanding the full money in a short period of time and I don't have it I just don't know what to do I do have some property But I cannot sell it as it is in negative equity and I receive rent for it which goes to pay the mortgage, there is a small surplus that the debt company was offering to pay to Sse for the debt but they will not accept any plan please can somebody help. The ombudsman will not set my complaint as to why I cannot be dealt with by the vulnerability department and how the bill came to £8000 in two years because there is no deadlock letter because Sse and refused to provide one and they also refuse to investigate my complaint
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